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Spring Health Check

07 March 2011

Spring is traditionally the time to spruce up the home, weed the garden, refresh the wardrobe etc. I would encourage you to also make spring the time to get a health check. Never think that you are too young to have a medical checkup, and don't wait until a health issue appears. Health checks are a vital part of disease prevention and detection. Make an appointment with your specialist/s and ask for the following checks:

- Blood Test: For Cholesterol count, hormones reading, diabetes type 2, kidney and liver function, and detects many problems before symptoms appear.

- Blood Pressure

- Pap Smear for cervical cancer (over age 18, every two years)

- Breast check (and Mammogram over 40, every two years)

- Skin check for changes (unusual color and shape changes)

- Bone Density Scan for osteoporosis (peri-menopause and menopause)

- Eyes checked (over 40 for glaucoma)

- Bowel Cancer check (over 50, every two years)

- Reassess any medications you are taking, including non-prescriptive drugs

- Weight, diet, exercise and lifestyle (eg smoking, alcohol)

Women have very full lives with family and work and need to keep healthy to meet all their commitments. Do not allow your health to become a challenge. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. I will discuss in more detail women's health issues over the next few months.