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30 April 2013

When we get the wake-up call – to look ahead and imagine how our life could be – it can be a shock. We snap to attention, reminding ourselves life is not as good as it could be. We have got into a rut and we are putting up with a life that does not feel inspired and purposeful.

Working long hours it’s often easier to stay in survival mode. Many women use the weekends as a way to try and revive themselves for the working week ahead. Exhaustion from job stagnation is real. There is no sense of fulfillment in both personal and professional life.

I want to challenge you to start thinking now about how to change this state of affairs: one step at a time.

Firstly, it is important to understand that to reinvigorate your life you need to connect with your inner femme fatale. Discover who she is. Where she’s been. How you can bring her out. Get the fun back in your life?

You’re on a journey that is going to bring out the best in you – reveal past passions and achievements forgotten. To help you assemble this creative vision I use my performing arts/business background to find and revive the smart sassy woman in you.

Imagine you’re reading a chick lit novel and the heroine is you. This is about having some fun.

And now, I ask you to start to think of yourself as the “Director of your Show”.

(“This is your life”)

I suggest that over the next couple of weeks you think about the parts of your life that make you come alive. Once you connect with these parts of yourself a sense of excitement becomes present. It’s like you’ve opened up a door to a part of your home that has been locked for many years. Enter this room and be amazed at the “treasures” you’ve forgotten.

I like to use the going through the door in CS Lewis’ fantasy novel: “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” metaphor to explain the process. Just commit to starting and see what unfolds. No excuses, and most importantly, no procrastination.

You are in the process of setting the stage to create your life production. This is the start of reinvigorating your career and personal life. Getting back in touch with parts of your life that have significance and meaning. With this knowledge you can create a new vision and path towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Part 2

Now that you’ve begun connecting with your inner femme fatale, enjoy the revival of your personal life. Instead of surviving day-to-day, you will feel invigorated; alive and less stressed in your personal and professional life.

A good tip to keep on track, and have inner support to continue on this new path, is to schedule several “10-minute music naps” during each day.

Music naps are similar to meditating. What happens when you take this nap is your mind slows down. All you do is put on headphones and listen to music that inspires – preferably, classical music. Experts have found classical music/harmonious music releases the happy hormones in our bodies. You can do this listening anywhere: in the office in between meetings, in a taxi, plane, wherever. It’s a great reviver and you will come out of these short sessions feeling relaxed, grounded and more energised.

So let’s “get the show on the road”. Let’s move towards reinvigorating your life. What does that mean?

Have you ever thought how it would feel to have your name up in lights? What would you be doing? Who would be in the audience?

As a producer of “your life show” you need to create a vision. This vision is about getting in touch with the “gold within”: your inner-self, the part of you that you need to revive. I imagine over the past years she has taken a back seat. We all have so much inner wisdom and passion. Performing artists and elite athletes use this powerhouse within them to create stand out performances. It is all about how you “mine” the gold and treasures within.

The important thing to note here is to value and listen to this part of your self, because in fast paced careers this is the part that often falls by the wayside.

Think about people who stand out in your life. They’re often relaxed with fulfilling personal lives and family. The core to reinvigorating your life is in your personal relationships. It does not come from your status at work. The tip is to appreciate life – your life. Each day, think of a couple of things for which you are grateful – and which make you happy.

By moving into this place you can now set the scene to create the new show in your life. You are the director of this production. What is it going to be?

In my role as a global business coach (Director, Corporate Creative Directions), I work with clients for a six-month period creating the visions for reinvigorating their lives. I then follow through with clients on an action plan, goals and time line to solve challenges. Whether it is leveraging your skills for a new career, re-inspiring your current career or creating work life balance, I support you in your quest to make vision reality. Most importantly, the program is about your accountability.

What is your vision to be: a new career, product or life path? Don’t procrastinate move into action now!

Sally Arnold


Corporate Creative Directions