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31 May 2011

Perhaps the perfect role is one where it is important that you keep up to date with retail trends so as a director of a company with major retail interests I often set forth to ensure I am up to date. As I shopped in Perth, Singapore, Frankfurt and London in the interests of keeping informed (honest that’s the only reason I was in the shops) I was struck by how much what we buy is converging in our ever globalising world.   I discovered:

  • Germans like silly toilet seats too – if you’d like a Perspex encased seahorse keeping an eye on your bowl you can get one in Bunnings (any Australian state) or in Bauhus (any German state)
  • Mario Battali’s food is as much a hit in Singapore as it is in New York – and he has the same menu – no local improvisations, no more chilli – just the same as New York
  • Bargains bring the shoppers out the world over – Primark in Oxford Street has a £10 distressed buffalo leather handbag with bronze buckles that walks out the door – just check out the same one in Target – if you can find one left as they walk out the door too – oh and if you go to Primark and plan to hit the fitting rooms bring your ipad so you can read a book in the queue which is about 100 shoppers long
  • Marks and Sparks underwear is designed for the world – the tag has sizing shown for almost every country in the world – it’s about 8 point font already but Australia didn’t make the cut!

I have to be in the US and Canada next month for meetings so in the interests of being informed I will ensure I am in the shops!