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Set to Jet in 2012??

22 February 2012

With so many airlines offering cheap tickets to travellers who take hand luggage, plus the hassle free benefits of no baggage check in or collection, travelling light and making it easy for yourself is the motto of 2012.

The challenge is how to pack light for a trip of 5-7 days.

Here’s Everyday Cashmere’s top 10 tips for making your life easy.

1.Check the weather for your destination – there is no point thinking you have it right if you are 10 degrees out.

2.Weigh your luggage. Most carry on board luggage restrictions are 8-10 kgs. I love my all wheel drive Samsonite, it fits in the overhead lockers, has an expandable zip so you can buy more and put it under the plane if necessary. It weighs 4 kgs.

3.Start with your feet. Travelling involves walking and often changes in climates, your feet need support whether they are on show or not. Between seasons, my favourites are black wedge espridrills and animal print suede pumps.

4.Go with a colour scheme that mixes and matches. Dark colours are offset with simple white or French Grey tops and a cashmere scarf

5.Start with the bottoms. One pair of each, jeans denim or white (wear on the plane), black trousers and denim or cotton skirt.

6.Top them with layered favourites. Everyday Cashmere’s Pilar Wrap cardigan is my favourite, it’s 3 cardigans in one. Belt it, tie it, or let it swing (we call it the i-wrap, it’s in Navy or French Grey). Next, I always take a sexy v neck cashmere and silk mix top, then add two classic t-shirts (Zara, Metalicus or Country Rd are great), one white and one royal blue. I sneak in a sexy black silk evening shirt to carry me through.

7.Accessorize. I’m talking wraps, scarves, belts and jewelry. These items are most important as they give you flexibility with your wardrobe. I always take;

       a.Everyday Cashmere’s Jet Set Scarf – it doubles as a plane blanket, wrap, I’ve even worn it as a skirt!

       b.EDC Triangular Frill wrap, it’s classic, has a frill which is feminine, can we worn 4 different ways, is so soft and snug, looks incredibly sophisticated and you can even wrap a baby in it!

       c.A statement belt that can pull your cardi or scarves in at the waist

      d.Long necklace and nice earrings, remember people look at your face

8.Undies and bras. I always pack them in an Everyday Cashmere cotton bag so they are easy to find and in one place.

9.Camera. Ok so I am a keen photographer and never go anywhere without my naked eye. It’s a good tip to only travel with 2G camera cards, if you loose one, you invariably only loose a day of photos.

10.Toiletries, now this is hard. Firstly nothing over 100 mls. Everything in clear zip lock bags (take extras), use travel sizes and take make up remover pads such as Alamay. Most importantly pack good shampoo and conditioner, nothing worse than a bad hair day!

For Further information contact  Jen Hart  Everyday Cashmere 0437000714



  • Danielle Napoli

    Danielle Napoli 8 years ago

    Love your garments, so soft...especially your new ponchos which dress up a pair of jeans and keep you comfy and warm! thanks