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Ruby's 5th Birthday Party!

12 March 2013

Westpac Group CEO Gail Kelly and Women's Markets Director Larke Riemer hosted a customer event in Sydney to celebrate Ruby's 5th birthday with a night full of networking and inspiration.

Looking back over the five years, Larke said: "Ruby has evolved and grown across the years from an online initiative for women, to the point where she's now a universal brand that's here to stay.

"Under her auspices sit our Women's Markets initiatives; including networking events, the Ruby Learning series, information about business and financial opportunities, including our awards and scholarships, as well as the information, products, opportunities and relationships women need to grow their financial independence.

"Ruby's success, embedded in the bank's principles, is at the working heart of our distribution channels with our local bank managers and corporation wide Ambassadors, and it's at work at the very top with Gail."

Here is a peak of how the night turned out!

Ruby bday Gail Kelly

 Gail Kelly, CEO Westpac, addressing the guests.

Ruby's cake enews

 Ruby's birthday cake!IMG_5237