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26 September 2013

Robin Hood moments, Scarecrows, Wedding Planners, what it takes to be the best in your field, and more.

There’s a new term to describe that tone men take when explaining to women something about which they know nothing: “Mansplaining.” According to, it's characterised by “condescending, inaccurate explanations delivered with rock solid confidence of rightness.” The new pin-up boy for “mansplaining” is an American lad, Bryan Goldberg, who publishes an online site for young women called He posted a blog with the launch of the site that incensed a number of American women. Bryan was – until this incident –better known for the Bleacher Report, a sports site which he began when he was 24 years old with a few friends and which they sold to Turner Broadcasting in 2012 for more than $200 million. For more (click) on and the mansplaining event



Chipotle Mexican Grill, a US fast food company, began an advertising campaign in 2012 centred on real food. The Youtube film, Back to the Start (, was the company’s initial offering. The company recently released on Youtube a second film, The Scarecrow ( Watch it with a box of tissues at hand and try the free App for iPad and iPhone. (As far as Ruby can see, the App is only available on Apple.)


Robin Hood moments

Cost of cashThis graph from the New Yorker shows the cost of cash for the rich and the poor in the US: guess who gets off lightly? It’s more than access issues, read on for why:

Marriage equality

Are you planning a wedding? Two free Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android could throw you a life line:

wedding ring

According to ABS figures in 2009-10, there were around 46,300 people who identified as living in a same sex couple. If these couples are anything like their heterosexual cohorts, who see themselves as eventually marrying the partner they are with, there’re a lot of marriages hanging in the balance. Want to declare your undying love with something different (left), try:



Ever heard of “Love Bombing” - the UK psychologist Oliver James’ new treatment technique that can transform children with common behaviour problems? Following extensive publicity in The Daily Express and The Guardian, and coverage on TV and radio, “Love Bombing” went viral with over 100,000 pages about Oliver’s technique listed on Google. Why not see if it could help you reduce the time you spend imposing limits and nagging

Will your child be an Olympian, brilliant inventor or at the top of her game whatever that may be? “In cognitively demanding fields, there are no naturals,” says the author and social commentator Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker. Malcolm believes: “achievement is talent plus preparation,” and that “nobody walks into an operating room, straight out of a surgical rotation, and does world-class neurosurgery. And second—and more crucially… the amount of practice necessary for exceptional performance is so extensive that people who end up on top need help. They invariably have access to lucky breaks or privileges or conditions that make all those years of practice possible.” For more on what it takes, including just how many hours of practice/experience you’ll need to make you (or your child) the best in your field, click on: (It’s 10,000 hours minimum or around 3.6 years of constant and consistent practice at 7.5 hours a day.)