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Ruby, memes worth noting…

02 August 2013


From apps, catchphrases, food and social media crazes to health fads, web celebs, and everything else we want to fit in our busy lives.

The cronut craze (a combination croissant-doughnut, pictured below, developed in New York and now trademarked) is a food meme being driven by the Internet (and our real world addiction to sugar). The craze has reached Australia in the form of a Zonut, brought to you by the king of sweets, Adriano Zumbo.




Grogronomics recently gave us all something to think about with this article: why youth unemployment is the canary down the mine. 'It' passes out and we’re all in trouble.

Digital Detox Email, Twitter, Facebook, mobile devices, SMS, it’s enough to give you pavor nocturnus. Digital Detox is an American site offering you a way to get off your addiction: Just because we haven’t posted a retreat on our website, doesn’t mean there isn’t one this month. This is “The Digital Detox” website, so you can expect that it’s not always updated.

So, if you're suffering adrenal burn out and sleep issues from being connected and checking what’s going on day and night, but want a detox a little closer to home, try these. In Australia you can do the low-tech thing at Gwinganna in Queensland and in Tasmania at Saffire on the Freycinet Peninsula. Ruby also checked with The Golden Door retreat, which in Queensland has recently undergone a transformation and is now operating as The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door: "The retreat encourages a technology free environment and the remote location means wireless internet is not available and mobile phone reception is patchy. For guests to fully immerse themselves in the program and focus purely on themselves without the pressures and distractions of the outside world, the retreat strongly encourages a technology free environment."


Orangeisthenewblack 325

Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison is an American comedy-drama series in a mould we know well in Australia. (Think Prisoner, or the rather more gritty drama, Wentworth.) Based on author Piper Kerman's memoir (Random House) of the same name (pictured above) about her time in a women’s prison, the series has Australian up-and-comer Yael Stone playing an inmate who’s quoted as being “a wonderfully distinctive character who seems to have parachuted in from a 1930s gangster film”. Viewers might remember Yael from her appearance in the 2008 Wharf 2LOUD show FRANKENSTEIN by Ralph Myers, Lally Katz and Stefan Gregory. Tiny but packs a punch. Orange Is the New Black is expected to air in Australia before the end of 2013.


Death in 140 Characters, Wendy Harmer’s piece on The Hoopla, August 2, 2013, growing momentum. Wendy’s piece looked at Tweeting someone’s death and dying moments. She herself had done this when her brother died earlier this year in April and has tagged her action to the case of the American radio presenter Scott Simon who tweeted in July about his mother’s dying hours. The responses to Wendy's piece are fascinating, including this one from Kerri: I can only imagine how much easier those long nights up with a miserable sleepless baby would have been had there been Facebook and twitter 30 years ago…the isolation used to be terrible!”

Kids Tracks an App worth having: visit museums, theme parks, aquariums, zoos, galleries and more, and really let your kids discover. This app for iPod, iPhone, iPad, let’s them work toward rewards through guided self-discovery.


This year marks 25 years of Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. Watch the video of Nike’s first “Just Do It” spot and read the background to what’s being called the Last Great Advertising Slogan.

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