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Resolutions and Revolutions

07 March 2011

New years' resolutions. We all have them - we want to change our bodies, our attitudes, our behaviours, our lifestyle and so on and so forth. So many people I know start with great intentions that fizzle out, watered down by inadequate planning and a lack of understanding about ourselves and the world we live in. Case in point - Kevin Rudd our esteemed and often absent Prime Minister. Lots of good intentions that got stuck in the realms of Peter Pan's Neverland simply because rhetoric isn't a solution for the worlds' ills.

Sounds cynical. Well yes! I know myself that every year, I vow to get healthy, lose weight, exercise more, recycle and just do better all around in business and life. It is only human. I would love to click my fingers and make things happen according to the sweet words I sing. But alas my 'Harry Potteresque' qualities are sadly lacking. I find yet again that I might have to do it the hard way.

Sadly enough even an exceptional oration won't cut it. We actually have to know the environs in which we operate, plan our attack and then action it for anything to happen. If we truly want to create epic change then we need an epic plan and that takes hard work, research and a singular focus. Resolutions are not revolutions but pathways littered with pretty prose unless we know how to pave the way.

If you want to achieve your goals this year you have to map the trail and walk the walk. It is what achievers do.



  • Diane Young

    Diane Young 9 years ago

    True,we have to do the hard slog and pave the way to our own success.