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Practical packing tips to simplify the relocation process

05 July 2016

If there’s one thing I have learned in life it’s that there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to pack when you are moving house. I now can say with the utmost of certainty (from previous experience) that packing up to move house is definitely one of my least favourite things to do. That said, now that I've moved house a few times in my life, I do know a few things about how to pack properly, and what to avoid when packing up a house. Yes, knowing how to pack properly and knowing how to choose the right kind of boxes and containers for your stuff, will make the whole process a whole lot easier when it comes down to the time to move. When you have to pack up an entire house to move, you can feel kind of overwhelmed - particularly if you have a whole lot of stuff. My mantra: Minimise!

That said, no matter how minimal you are, the more organised that you start off the more energy that you're going to save in the moving process overall. Take a look at these tips and you'll be sure to feel a whole lot less stressed when it comes time to move with your. These tips are brought you by leading Melbourne removalists, Move on Removals.


Tip One - Go room by room

One of the key things that makes moving feel so confusing, is that there's a lot of mess and things get quite crazy quite quickly once you start packing. One way that I learned to get around this is to pack up one room at a time. Saves on mess. Start in the room that you use the least, and begin to box everything up packing it all the way up in turn. Make sure that you clearly label the boxes, and be sure to state what's in them and what room you packed them from, on the front. If you're particularly organised you might want to make a spreadsheet that lists the lists items that you’re packing in each box, so you know that where everything is. There are also plenty of moving apps around that you can also use to help you out, and you can take photographs of things and make sure that you’re cataloguing things.


Tip Two - Get the right boxes

There's nothing worse when you're packing than having the wrong size boxes or the wrong kind of boxes. Be sure to be smart when you're packing. Instead of wrapping glasses up in paper, you can put them into a crockery box which has cardboard dividers. This will save you heaps of time when packing. Wardrobe boxes are excellent and come with a railing so you can just pop your clothes straight into them. There are boxes for TVs, tough plastic moving bags, and all sorts of other specialist packing equipment. Check with family and friends and see if they have got anything they can loan you.


Tip Three - Don’t overpack your items

Don't make the mistake of over-packing boxes and bags. If box is really heavy, it’s just going to take longer to move around, or may even split open and still your items out onto the footpath. If you pack heavy and light items in the same box, you'll distribute the weight easily. Pack things like books into medium-size book boxes, rather than jumbo boxes. You'll find them much easier to carry and you won't need two people to get them into the house!

Good luck with the move and be sure to plan ahead with plenty of time.