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Poker: It is a Woman’s World Too!

25 November 2015

History of Women in Poker

Poker has always had a macho appeal about it but in the past century there have been a series of notable women poker players, with the first official record found in 1920.

One of the first names in women’s poker has to be Poker Alice. Born in Devonshire, England, she moved to Colorado after marrying Frank Duffield. He showed her how to play poker, and she took it up as a way of making a living after he died. She became an ace in the game and earned a reputation as Poker Alice. By the time she died in 1930 she was a legend far ahead of her time. Another woman who has a name in the poker world is Mayme Stocker, the holder of the first legal casino license in 1931.

What Makes Women Poker Players Different

Women poker players are no different from men, otherwise how would they survive this game, right? That is where we are quite wrong. The first thing that separates them from the men is the mental make-up. Women have traditionally been found to have a stronger mind than most men. And that is the best thing you can have in a high-pressure game: a cool head that helps you rationalize your moves and plan your win.

There is also the keenness to learn more about the game. The cerebral approach has also resulted in some women ending up becoming mentors of male players.

How Poker Can Help Women in Business

Poker, besides being a good arena for women to showcase their playing skills and competing as equals with men, is also a good learning ground for women looking to get into business. There are quite a few things about poker that coincide with different aspects of business management.

1.       Risk management - the ability to analyze moves and situations on the ground go a long way in helping women develop their business analysis and risk management skills.

2.       Ability to read people - one of the key requirements to be a good poker is reading people the right way. This is a great asset to have for someone looking to get into business and maximize their business and profit.

Top Women Players in Recent Times

·         Vanessa Selbst. She has to her credit 2 WSOP bracelets and also wins at tournaments like the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. With total career poker earnings of over $9 million, she is in the list of Top 10 poker women and is a force to be reckoned with in women’s poker.

·         Jennifer Harman - She has had 2 WSOP gold bracelets – in fact she was the first woman poker player to achieve this incredible feat, and also finds herself in the Women in Poker Hall of Fame where she was inducted in 2010.

·         Kathy Liebert – She has poker earnings of over $6 million. She has been part of the poker world since 1994 and is still active on the circuit. She scored her biggest win – a cool $1 million – by winning the PartyPoker Million cruise.

·         Annette Obrestad - Known as Annette 15 in the poker circuit – she was just 15 when she first played the game – she is the youngest person so far to win a WSOP bracelet – she won it a day shy of her 19th birthday in the main event of the first World Series of Poker Europe tournament in 2007.

Do you want to start playing poker?

You may not be able to become the next woman super poker player, but there is no reason why you too should not join in the exhilarating experience of participating in a poker tournament. Start small by finding an online poker room in one of the online casinos in Australia you are comfortable with, play their free games, take advantage of the tutorials and start in the lower pot games. Once you have gained your confidence and have understood how to play the game well, the sky is the limit.