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Organise Your Wallet ~ Change your Life

14 May 2013

Bulging Wallet

Where to Start:

If your wallet or purse has seen better days and is looking scruffy and old then splurge and buy yourself a new one with lots of compartments so you can get organized properly.

(I’ve found the perfect one –  details at end of Blog Article)

Start by throwing away all obvious rubbish – you’ll be amazed at how much stuff you actually had crammed into your wallet each day.


Credit Cards

Go through your credit cards – throw away (cut up first) any that are past their expiry date that you’ve been carrying around for no reason.


Drivers Licence, ID’s, Health Cards

Keep all important cards in the first compartments of your wallet for easy fast access.

Don’t have them hidden away stuffed in between receipts and money notes somewhere.


Money Notes

Keep one compartment for money notes.

Keep it completely clear and free of all other junk, receipts and business cards. Money can get lost and stuck in between receipts and you might throw it out accidently – its happened to me!

Its also good budgeting and money saving practice to have an estimate of how much money you have in your wallet at all times.


Control your receipts

We accumulate a receipt for everything and all that paper builds up. Receipts are one of the main sources of clutter in a wallet.

Keep all receipts in one compartment of your wallet so they’re easy to find if you need to return/exchange an item and also to make it easier to transfer to your business files as personal or business expenses at the end of each week.

Transfer receipts at home to clearly marked folders or envelopes to make tax time faster.

Shred all receipts you don’t need for tax or warranty purposes.

** My Tip – If you don’t have a shredder, do what I do when I’m traveling, cut up receipts or tear then into small pieces before throwing away so your name and personal details arent on them **

Clear the Coins

Coins can build up and get heavy.

Your coins need to go in a separate zipped coin purse.

Use the coin purse for coins only, not other bits & pieces.

Clear the coins out of your wallet and either keep (out of sight) in your car for unexpected parking meters and tolls. Or empty them into a coin jar when you get home. You’ll be amazed how quickly the small change builds up and you’ll soon have enough for a little treat for yourself or family.


Business cards

We accumulate many business cards over a week and also need a place to store our own cards to hand out.

Clear out all the business cards each week and store them in folders or a business card box at home.

**My Tip – ‘Cam Card’ is a great Iphone App that scans all the info, contact no’s and email addresses from the business card onto the Contact section of your phone. It’s quite accurate and I like to scan all business cards into my phone over a coffee or while waiting for a meeting**

Loyalty Cards:

These days there are loyalty cards for everything from your coffee to your flights.

Only keep the loyalty cards you use all the time. If you don’t really believe you’re ever going back to that sandwich place you went to once while on a business trip then toss the loyalty card away.

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