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Larke on The Circle

01 August 2012

Watch Larke on The Circle discussing the very important issue of STD ........... that's sexually transmitted debt!



  • Suzanna Broughton

    Suzanna Broughton 7 years ago

    This is a great conversation. Needs to happen. Do it.Even women who are younger and don't have a huge amount of wealth can get caught out with STD (also can be sexually transmitted dysfunction) when their partners are financially irresponsible.

  • Fleur Allen

    Fleur Allen 7 years ago

    Great advice! Refreshing to hear some realistic, practical advice for women in financial matters relating to heart relationships. In particular not only the need for a current will but the necessity to have one particularly where children are involved.

  • Carolyn Tate

    Carolyn Tate 7 years ago

    Awesome advice Larke! I think many women with children don't fight for what they truly deserve in divorce settlements either because their primary concern is keeping the peace so that their kids aren't affected too badly. Another great topic for Ruby and the circle might be how to negotiate the optimal divorce settlement! :)