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Investing your savings for growth

18 October 2017

Investing your savings

Comparing yourself to people around you who either own a property or are on the expressway to getting one can make you feel even more financially unstable. As Teddy Roosevelt once said: ‘comparison is the thief of joy’; with these wise words in mind – and in the wake of countless Facebook posts about the housing market – The Cusp thought it was important to talk about the other ways to invest in your future that don’t involve a mortgage. As with all things adult, knowledge is power.

The Cusp collaboration is between Junkee Media and Westpac. It’s where you can hear from people who have been there before and made mistakes. It’s real world advice and inspirational stories from successful young Australians.

Most importantly we genuinely hope that The Cusp will help you be that tiny bit better with your job, your money or your health. And wouldn’t that be an amazing thing?

For more on making your savings grow.


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