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How On-The-Go Women Can Start a Healthy Lifestyle

24 October 2015

Starting a healthy lifestyle is certainly no easy task—especially for the on-the-go woman. After all, you’re busy enough trying to juggle work, home, and family, so that doesn’t exactly leave you much time to take care of yourself. Plus, adding just one more item to your never-ending to-do list can be just enough to send you right over the edge of sanity. Before you give up on your dreams of finally losing weight, getting in shape so you feel good in (and out) your clothes, or any other health-related goal that has seemed to evade you, it helps to first understand that there are some amazing benefits of living a healthy style. Benefits you might not have thought about before.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Other than the obvious advantages of taking positive actions towards your own health, such as losing weight and lowering your risk of disease, there are other benefits as well. For instance, did you know that eating healthier also generally results in clearer skin? That’s right. If you suffer from adult acne, research has found that eating fewer processed foods that are lower in sugar can help give you smoother, more supple skin. Another advantage of living a healthy lifestyle is that you have more energy to help you make it through your busy day. Some good-for-you ways to achieve this goal include eating every three to four hours, watching how much caffeine you drink, staying hydrated, taking deep breaths, getting daily exercise, and making sleep a priority.

How to Start

While all of this is good advice, you may be wondering how to actually start living a healthy life without feeling completely overwhelmed. Here are some suggestions:

  • Start from a personal need. If you have a current health issue or concern that is negatively affecting your life in some way, then tending to it would be a good place to start. Take the story of Jil Larsen. She was diagnosed with a skin disease that prompted her to do research and find out what she could do to treat it. This led her to healthier eating, which ultimately caused the disorder to reverse. By taking an action that satisfies two needs, it motivates you to keep doing it.
  • Choose to go slow. One of the biggest reasons most healthy lifestyle plans fail is because they’re too aggressive. While it’s commendable that you want to change your life overnight, all this does is throw you too far outside your comfort zone and make it harder to stick with the plan for the long haul. Instead, choose to make small changes slowly over time. Sure, it will take you longer to get there, but it’s better to get there later rather than never.
  • Help others achieve the same goal that you’re trying to achieve. Motivating others also has a way of motivating yourself. This makes this option a great way to reach your own goals as it is essentially the gift that gives back. Join online forums or create a support group with people you know around you. Another option is to become a health coach and turn it into a career (like Jil Larsen ultimately did, subsequently opening her own health-food business). The possibilities are truly endless.

As you can see, getting yourself healthy comes with a lot of benefits and it is possible even though you don’t have much free time in your schedule. Just make a commitment and do it, for yourself and your family. In that case, everyone wins.