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How do we instil confidence in our young women?

20 October 2011


So how do we instil confidence in our young women today to value themselves as individuals?  

As a society we need to foster a holistic approach tolife for our girls to carry through into adulthood.

As women we need to set an example to love and honour ourselves.  It’s all about our state of mind and having a positive attitude.   To love ourselves we need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with fresh air and exercise. To not just concentrate on how we look for we are too busy delving into our passions like art, culture, reading, music, sport, society or the environment.  

When we have a great attitude to life we are confident and happy and it radiates from us, which reflects in how others see and treat us.

A girl needs to develop her own sense of who she is, and feel comfortable with it.  For when she learns how she sees the world, and how the world sees her, then she can dress for the journey.

 ‘Amongst Sisters’ is aimed at women who want to look and feel beautiful and have the confidence to project this to those that they care about. 

However, they are not looking to compromise their personality and uniqueness in order to attain 'beauty'. They are tired of the sex sell-out, the barbification of beauty, the loss of childhood innocence and the disregard for time.

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  • Chantel Splatt

    Chantel Splatt 8 years ago

    I agree with you. We receive so many messages about who we are as girls, and a lot of those messages go straight through under the radar without us knowing what we've absorbed. Luckily we have a choice as we grow older to continue with those models that are helpful and change the unresourceful ones.