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Honouring your Authentic Self

27 November 2015

Take a few minutes to think about the stuff in life you enjoy doing.  You know the simple things that make you happy.  If you are stuck, maybe think about the things you used to do when you were a child.     If you are on the right track, your body and emotions will feel good just thinking about it! This is important as your body is telling you that these things are aligned with who you really are, and therefore, your authentic self. 

Here are a few of my own examples:

1)      Reading a good book

2)      Being around animals

3)      Walking next to the ocean

4)      Walking barefoot in the sand

5)      Reflexology.

6)      Eating peas in the pod!

When I choose to spend more time doing these things, it brings up emotions of positivity, happiness and alignment with who I really am.  The reason for this is that all the activities on my list are authentically me.  They may not be everyone’s choice but that is irrelevant as we are all unique.

Each and every one of us will have a wide range of things which make us feel good. We have different habits, favourite foods, favourite pastimes and a whole range of different thing which bring us joy.  For some it is music, meeting friends and big nights out.  For others it is quiet nights in, time alone or simply cooking a favourite dish.

When we spend time doing things which don’t feel good to us, what we are actually doing is moving away from being our authentic self.  However, when we honour and prioritize doing things we enjoy, we are being authentic and true to ourselves.

Action Step:

Write a list of what activities or pastimes give you joy. Then commit to doing more of them!