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Here are 5 Stylish Dresses for Corporate Ladies

09 August 2016

The way you dress for work sends a message about yourself, as well as your approach towards your job. That’s why some institutions prefer having corporate uniforms, to uphold a standard dress code. If you want to make a positive impression as a professional, the outfits you choose for office should help you create that corporate-like outlook.

In most cases, dressing appropriately, for the office, means dressing formally. While formal clothes are supposed to project a somewhat serious, rigid look, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish as well. In that light, we look at five stylish dresses that you can wear to achieve that business-like attitude:

1. A Perfectly Tailored Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are loved by many, and you’ll see them being showcased on virtually every runway. This is largely attributed to the fact that pencil skirts flatter pretty much every figure. They’re ideal for wearing to an office, and they never go out of fashion. Depending on your work environment, wearing too much red may be inapt, but you can always spice up things by adding a purse or shoes of this vibrant colour.

In addition, pencil skirts tend to flatter the legs, but you can get it tailored to look appropriate in the corporate world.

2. A Day-to-Night Dress

You don’t have to rush home after work to change to an evening wear. Otherwise, you will never forgive yourself for missing that happy hour, simply because you came back late. Therefore, find yourself a day-to-night dress, which can easily undergo transition from the workplace to your favourite bar.

3. Printed Dress Style

If your work environment is more inclined to creative than formal, then a printed dress will probably work best for you. There are a number of prints that hardly go out of style, and they include floral, paisley and ethnic. Just make sure your dress has appropriate length for wearing to office. Consider combining your chosen printed dress with a monochrome fitted jacket in a bid to create a more corporate look.

4. The Culotte Pants

This is another type of lady’s wear that never go out of fashion, and more and more corporate ladies are wearing it today. In fact, it is currently one of the fastest-selling styles at most leading online stores. Although the name suggests it would be pants it actually fits into the dress category. It is also worth noting that the mid-length culotte is the most commonly flattering style that you can put on with a boxy top, or as part of a jumpsuit.

5. Slinky Dress With Jacket

This dress is something usually overlooked when dressing for office, but when you come to think of it, there can’t be something more comfortable and convenient. You just need to find a nice jacket that will ensure that the slinky and perfect-fitting sleeveless dress instantly transforms into something that’s appropriate for office. However, be sure that the dress is of a length that you’re comfortable working in during office hours. The colour should also not be too bright to be worn in a corporate environment.

Every time you walk into the office, what you’re wearing reflects how seriously you take your job. As such, it’s a good idea to dress appropriately to impress everyone at the office. In a corporate setting, your whole demeanour is what draws attention and respect. Hence, these stylish corporate dressing tips will help you achieve that business look.