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Here’s How You Should Prepare for a Cataract Surgery!

10 September 2018

As we grow older and our sense organs start to become weaker, we begin to face a lot of problems. Cataract is simply one of them, and is generally caused by the normal ageing process. In simple words, it means that the lens of our eyes starts to get cloudy and gradually loses its visibility. This deterioration in the quality of your vision ultimately starts to take a toll on the quality of our life.  This is when one decides to undergo a surgery.

Due to the advancements of technology, surgical treatment for cataract has become better and upgraded over the years. All that’s ever needed today, to remove a cataract, is a tiny self-healing incision. And also, due to the evolution of science and medicine, people can see as clearly as they ever could, after the surgery -- be it objects close-up or at a distance. There are lots of reputed and well-known eye surgery clinics that provide the facility of cataract surgery in Sydney. George Street Eye Laser Centre is one of them, and provides the best of services when it comes to eye problems.

  •  How to Prepare for the Big Day?

Whether you are five or fifty, the very thought of undergoing surgeries, make all of us weak at the knees. And this is no different. But you can afford to worry a tad bit less if you follow this guide and take all the care you should both before and after the operation. First and foremost, you have to keep the rest of your health issues in check, if any. Say, for example, parameters of blood pressure, blood sugar etc should be as approved by your doctor. And once that’s sorted, you are ready to fix the date.

o   One week before the surgery: Just the week before, you will be having regular follow-ups and appointments with your doctor. He/she will be conducting various tests on you, to decide on the type of lens to be implanted. Also, keep it in mind that you won’t be able to drive home after the surgery. So, arrange a ride back with a family or friend in advance. Also, the first 48 hours of surgery can be quite tricky, as your eyes need time to adjust. So, call over someone to help out with the chores, or as a mental support.

o   The Night Before: Your doctor may have prescribed you some eye drops or medication to take on the surgery eve.  Also, give him an idea about the regular medications you intake so that he can prescribe accordingly. It’s a must, that you follow the instructions and refrain yourself from the intake of alcohol. Do not eat, or drink after the clock strikes midnight. Try to relax your body and mind. It’s of utmost importance that you get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

o   The day of the surgery: And voila! Comes the big day! Do not eat or drink, on the morning prior to the surgery. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing any kind of makeup, perfume, jewellery to the surgical centre. Make sure to be before time, at least 30 minutes prior, so that any last-minute questions, test, or paperwork can be done. After the surgery, you will be explained what all rules you need to follow, during the recovery period. Make sure to ask any question that pops in your mind. And though hard to believe, it’s a hasty process, and you will be on your way home in two hours.

So, these were the main and the most general things, to follow and keep in mind, when you are about to go in for a cataract surgery. Make sure to pay heed to all of these, and even more to your doctor’s advices. And trust us, you will be over and done with your surgery in the blink of an eye. Quite literally!