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Ghost Crime Tours: A Treat for Thrill Seekers around the World

29 December 2017

Do you love a good thrill? Then you must be looking for new adventures to go on! There are many thrill-seeking events and tours that you could attend.

Have you heard about ghost crime tours? These are amazing treats that could transport you to the world of crime and supernatural. There are many ghost crime tours in Adelaide. You need to find a good tour that will take you on an adventure. Before you start your adventure, you need to know what these tours are about.


These tours are usually common to cities that have had a past that was full of notorious crimes, like Adelaide. With the tour you go back in time and discover the sites where the crimes took place. These tours take around three hours, but leave you enriched with knowledge about the crimes that shook the city in the past.


The agencies that offer these tours offer an able tour guide. The tour guides take you to the location, where the crime had taken place and provide an in-depth knowledge about the crime that had taken place. The tour can include locations of stabbings and much more heinous crimes, along with a host of locations that are considered to be haunted. The agencies tend to include crimes that have happened a long time back, to show some respect to the living relatives of the victims.

If you make sure that the tour is from a reputed agency then you will be witness to information that is 100% true because they put in a lot of research before including the crime in the tour. Some agencies even go to the extent of hiring a licensed private investigator, to ensure that all the information is 100% authentic. They basically rely on eye witness accounts, newspaper clippings and police reports, to weave their story that they let you know on the tour. Such able sources guarantee that all your information is a 100% correct.

Here are some interesting tours that you could go on:

1.   Adelaide CBD Ghost Crime Tour: Adelaide’s rich history of notorious crimes has made it an interesting place for crime buffs. On this tour you can walk around Adelaide while the tour guide, takes you from one crime scene to the next. Some of the most interesting places that these tours take you on are places which witnessed the story of John Balaban, Arthur Hanes, Mrs Webster, Hilda Beryl, JonesGeorge 'Spadger' Bray and many more supernatural stories.

2.   Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour: This is one of the oldest suburbs of Adelaide and was called “Port Misery” by many. Since the beginning of the city in 1937, this place has been witness to many crimes and ghost sightings. Some of the sites that the tour takes you to are linked with stories of 'Jasper' the Police Constable, ghost of the former Madam at a hotel, which was a brothel back in 1909, a Russian sailor, who was kicked to death on Todd Street in a brutal manner and many more. These are mostly supernatural in nature.

3.   Kapunda Ghost Crime Tour: This place is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Australia. It also has the most haunted hotel, The North Kapunda Hotel. The tour aims to take you to places, where crimes took place in 1800s. Visit these places and earn an insight into what happened “back in the days.”


Reputable agencies offering these tours have their reputation at stake and do not promote or belief in the use of gimmicks. They only rely upon 100% authentic stories that have been unearthed with thorough research.

Whether you have a birthday, work celebrations or just want to gain an insight about the criminal past of a city, these tours offer an authentic experience. So, go ahead and take these tour, they are completely worth it and offer a thrilling experience that remains etched in your memory.