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Get Smart This Autumn

16 March 2011

Another season unfolds and are you left with the same dilemma, what to wear to look stylish and appropriate at work?

How do you dress effortlessly each season without buying a whole new wardrobe?

Having too many clothes in your wardrobe is as bad as not having enough? All the bad items hide all the good items leaving you feeling you have nothing to wear! 

Wardrobe Review

Clear out the clutter in your wardrobe to prepare a shopping list of pieces that mix and match for the season. If you haven’t worn a garment in a year, chances are it doesn’t suit you and it should go!

What to Wear This Autumn

Look out for tailored pieces, feminine silhouettes and pops of colour in red, cobalt, burnt orange, cerise and purple.  Always check the colour suits your complexion, if you are a blue based skin you will look great in cool colours like charcoal, cool pinks, reds and blues.  If you are a yellow based skin you will look best in warm colours like browns, orange, yellow and lime green.  Also consider if you look best in light or deep colours, and also either clear or muted colours.

Key Essentials to Consider

  • Cashmere jacket or coat – Abounds in camel, great to wear if you travel by public transport.
  • Trench – Always chic and stylish, go for beige, silver or black, or try red or cerise.
  • Slim fitting cardigan with narrow belt for that 50’s feel.
  • Ladylike dress with waist detail and knee length skirt in neutrals or red. 
  • Printed soft frock in subtle patterns, knee length only.
  • Pencil skirt with stitching or panels in black, brown or charcoal.
  • Blouse in silk or cotton with pleats or frills in ivory, cream or white.
  • Tapered or waisted jacket in red, black, charcoal or camel.

Best Shoes and Bags 

Step up this season in ladylike shoes and smaller structured handbags.

  • Suede, leather or patent heeled pumps in black or camel, look for an elegant style.
  • Subtle patterned ladylike tights to tone with your skirt.
  • Shoulder satchels or a classic Chanel style bag in black, tan, grey or animal print. 

The Details 

Accessories are the key to pull your outfit together and here is a line-up for this season. Choose from ladylike looks, animal instinct (subtle only), red, luxe, neutrals or lace.

  • Accessorise with classic and contemporary jewellery in pearls, metals or enamel.
  • Wrap up with soft scarves to enhance your outfit.
  • Add a touch of sophistication with tailored leather gloves or a fur collar.

The End Result

You will feel fantastic as before you had nothing to wear when in fact there are many choices.  

You will have a wardrobe that really works so you will always look the part!



  • Robin Powis

    Robin Powis 9 years ago

    Hi Beate, great to hear from you. By dressing according to their 'signature style' that is their personality. So its buying classic key garments and updating with statement jewellery or accessories that defines you. Eg. a feminine and romantic type can add a touch of lace this autumn while someone a bit more exotic would go for the animal instinct look. Or if you are dramatic you could introduce some fiery red in a coat or dress. Hope this helps!

  • Beate Duesterwald

    Beate Duesterwald 9 years ago

    Your shopping list is great, Robin.I’m a fan of classic pieces that fit a person’s style and figure perfectly. Having worked a bit in the fashion industry (designing fabrics to be precise) in the early years of my career influenced me to look for well made clothes. They can last a few years, are versatile and worth the investment.I like to combine a classic piece with a trendy one to create a personal style.How do other members create their personal style using classic pieces?