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Friends come and go.and come back again

12 December 2011


Once again writers’ block has hit me and it’s really frustrating, especially since I have been pretty good over the last month. I can’t help but be proud of myself because I have been published twice this month and hopefully I will be published again next month. Never in a million years did I think that I could put published writer on my resume. When I was in high school I had tutors for English and Literature and I needed extra help for Religion and Society and History. I could never put my thoughts onto paper and so when I decided to major in Creative Writing at university I don’t know what I was thinking.

Last week I ran into a couple of peers from high school, one of whom actually tutored me in English. She was (and is) extremely smart, beautiful and incredibly nice and I thought she was totally out of my league to be my friend. Inevitably we grew apart, she moved overseas for a couple of years with her partner, got married and now has a baby. I wanted to get in touch with her when she was going through these milestones but I didn’t know how and honestly, I thought she wouldn’t respond, so I left it.

At the end of last year when I was going through a very hard time I received a letter from her in the mail and she wrote about how strong I was and would be able to get through this. Her letter really helped me and actually helped pull me through that hard time. She never even realised or found out because she hadn’t included her contact details.

I made a half-hearted attempt to get in touch with her but I gave up after a couple of months and forgot about her. When I found out she was pregnant I tried again but to no avail, it wasn’t meant to be and I told myself that we were both at different places in our lives and she had other friends going through similar experiences to her, so she didn’t need me.

Last week I had taken myself out for coffee to try and motivate myself to write a new entry, but I got distracted when I saw an attractive woman pushing a pram with an older woman by her side in the distance. As she got closer I couldn’t help but beam and get excited. Her mother said hello and we chatted briefly but in all honesty I was too focused on my old friend.

You know those hugs you get from some people that just radiate warmth and you could hug that person forever? I have a couple of friends who give hugs like that and they aren’t even my closest friends. Well, this girl had one of those hugs and it made me realise that there was still that connection from high school. Sometimes those connections never go away, even if you haven’t seen that person for over ten years.

It was lovely seeing her and catching up on everything that has been going on in her life. I shed a few tears when we talked about last year and then I laughed when she told me she knew I could write and she wasn’t surprised with my success. Of course we said we would stay in touch and catch up properly, but even if we don’t that’s ok. It’s just nice to know that despite the time gap, we’re still on good terms and we’re still friends.