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Four Tips on How to Juggle all the Work and Still Have a Life

07 March 2011

There's so much to do, build your list, write articles, get your website up, write invoices, make sales, create new get my drift. How is one supposed to get it all done in those meager 24 hours in one day???

And then when you have generated a lot of activity you have created even more work for yourself in servicing your clients. Sure your business grows but what about having a life?? I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to get done. I have been at that place a few times. These days its good

How do successful six figure income solopreneurs do it? Are they superhuman?

The answer is no, they are not superhuman. But they have a smart system in place that helps them to get everything done that really needs to get done. Let me share with you how I juggle all my projects and still have a life (while you are reading this I am in a beautiful beachside holiday house at the South Coast).

Let me share with you four insights that have helped me to manage my business growth and still have a great life.

1. It's all about your priorities

As an entrepreneur your To-Do list is never empty. There are always more things to do then there are hours in the day to do them. That's just a fact and the sooner you get comfortable with that the better. The key is to prioritise the things that will make you money. That's making sales, marketing every day, servicing your clients, creating new programs and content. Do these things first and everything else after these things are done. That will mean you will make the money you need to make to outsource the rest.

2. Outsource everything someone else can do

That's the goal. And if you do what I suggest in point one you will quickly get to a point where this is easily possible. How do you know whether it's time? If your days are filled with income producing activities and you are not getting the bookwork, admin etc. done or your burning the midnight oil doing it, it's time to hire an assistant.

I suggest you start by outsourcing the lowest value activities first, I started with my book keeping and then I got a cleaner. If you want to justify the expense, invest the extra hours you free up into smart marketing, eg. ring some past clients, get a speaking gig, be active in social media etc.

3. Hire experts

When I talk about hiring assistants I am talking about people that are experts in their field (yes that includes the cleaner ). Hire people you don't need to train and that are eager to serve you rather than being a drag on your time. And of course, you don't need to employ them. I work with virtual assistants who are great at what they do and work from their own home or office. Set your standards high and watch your life getting easier as they take on more of your work.

4. Learn to let go

This is a big one for most entrepreneurs. If you seriously want to build a six figure income business, you need to let go of needing to do everything yourself and thinking nobody else can do it as well as you can. That's not true for most things (except your unique brilliance). Letting go of wanting to control everything is essential for your success. You need to take a leadership role and start to delegate, delegate and delegate some more.


Put these four things into action and watch your results soar. Every time you let go of more, your income will go up!

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