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Five tips if you rent

30 May 2014

If you rent or are thinking of renting, here are five tips that will help...

1) The most common complaint a Property Manager hears, is “When I try to contact you, you are never in the office”.

Property Managers spend a major proportion of their time on the road, inspecting properties. Mobile phone numbers are your best contact option.

2) My water account is now more expensive. I don’t use this much water.

Utility costs do increase, periodically. The more water you use, the dearer the cost per kilo litre. Accounts are now issued every two months by the Water Corporation. If the usage is excessiveTte Water Corporation usually notifies the property manager/owner to investigate a possible leak. If a notice is not received then the property manager/owner will not be aware if the water usage has changed. The recommendation is to read your meter numbers weekly, to determine and monitor your usage.

3) I never received my inspection notice, mail.

Inspections are usually booked for the same area on the same day. The letters sent out are recorded in a mail log book. Until notified, the agent/owner will only be aware that the letters were posted.

4) I don’t want to be on the Lease anymore and want removed.

A Lease is a legal contract, penalties will be applied in accordance with your Lease Agreement and Residential Tenancies Act Legislation for altering, changing, terminating, etc. the Lease. You need to be aware of the Terms and Conditions of your Lease and give appropriate notice. In excpetional circumstances early termination of the Lease or changes may be negotiated.

5) Why is my Bond taking so long to be returned to me?

There are a number of reasons your Bond may not be refunded or is taking time to be refunded. They usually revolve around property damage disputes and administration times. Was the property left in accordance with the property condition report (normal wear and tear aside)? If not, there could be accounts to be paid for fixing any damage incurred. Some damage, including damage to benchtops, for example, can take time to source correct materials, expert tradesman, etc. The final Water Account may still be due.

The Bond statement and disposal cannot be finalised until all accounts are received.

The Bond Disposal Form requires signing by all parties on the Lease and must be returned for lodgemnet with the Bond Administration. The Bond Administration processing the disposal must also fulfil its obligations. This can take time.