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Feeling Anxious - diffuse it here

06 December 2013

Over any 12 month period, 18% of women will experience an anxiety disorder. Over the course of their lifetime, at least one in three Australian women (32%) will have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is more common than depression. You can have both anxiety and depression at the same time.

An anxiety disorder is different to being worried or having feelings of anxiety. A disorder is when you worry excessively and remain apprehensive and fearful about future uncertainties, real or imagined. An anxiety disorder is more severe than anxious feelings; it interferes significantly with daily life and causes a high level of emotional and physical distress.

The launch of ‘Anxiety: learn, think, do’, the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health website for women experiencing anxiety, is a real step forward in a virtual environment. This evidence-based online resource is aimed at preventing common mental health problems in women.

The site addresses the significant gap in the availability of information for women diagnosed with low-level anxiety and anxiety disorders that is accessible, meaningful, and appropriate to their current life-stage. Primary prevention is a critical component of this online resource which provides education strategies, self-assessment and a range of self-management tools for women. Visitors to the site can access information on the symptoms, causes and ways to manage anxiety across different life stages including during pregnancy, coping with chronic illness, etc. The website is now available for viewing at:

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is eager that as many women as possible get to experience the learnings and strategies provided in ‘Anxiety: learn, think, do’. 


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