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Fashion event playing a special role in helping disadvantaged youth

12 December 2011

Without doubt we are influenced by those around us. 

Whether we are aware of it or not we are part of an interconnected web of people that trigger thoughts, set examples and provide guidance as we carry out our lives. 

Sometimes we take the action of finding a mentor, to help us think through business scenarios, work/life balance and other such concerns, problems and opportunities. 

While finding a mentor is a great idea, another great idea is to become a mentor for someone who may not have access to the help you might. You can use success to be a source of knowledge and advice for people who could use support. 

The Big Brothers Big Sisters (please link this to program reaches out to disadvantaged youth aged seven to 25. The role of the mentor is to become a confidante for those that don’t have the kind of environment that is considered important to enjoy and succeed in life. 

Amazingly, the Melbourne-based organization, which started 30 years ago in the City of Casey, has now helped and mentored 3000 youths. 

Research into BBBS mentoring services has demonstrated that it has a positive impact on the lives of young people, particularly in relation to improved academic performance, reduced incidence of violence towards others and a reduction in the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Even if you don’t have time to commit to becoming a full time mentor, I’m hoping you will join me at the BBBS Role Models evening at the Park Hyatt on 27 November. 

It’s a fashion parade featuring some exclusive international brands and goodie bags worth more than the price of your ticket! Now there’s a great incentive to make a difference. (please link this to

Hope to see you there!


Melina Schamroth is the Founder and CEO of m.a.d.woman, inspirational speaker and author of three books. Melina established Single Volunteers and runs corporate team building events that make a difference. m.a.d.woman recently won the National 2011 Telstra Business Award – Yellow Pages Social Responsibility category. You can read more at