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Excuse me, yes please, I'd like better etiquette for 2012, thank you.

02 February 2012

Alright, I admit, having better manners in 2012 may not be on your list of top things to achieve in 2012.  Why not?  The least you can do is scan this checklist – if you are already across 7/10 of these, give yourself a tick for having great manners.  


1. Make “after you” your new favourite phrase for lifts, doors, taxis and queues.

2. The next time you drop something, pick it up by coming along side the item, bending your knees whilst keeping them together and keeping your upper half upright and picking it up once you are completely crouched.  This is a better than alternative than scooping it up mid-stride as the world looks on in horror. 

3. Sit down to eat, drink and smoke.  A lady doesn’t walk around eating and drinking because we have the time and mental presence to sit down for such things.

4. Hold your glass by the stem in your left hand.  This way your hand won’t be wet and clammy or affect the temperature of the drink.  Also while working on this, try to drink from the same place in the glass to avoid smeary lip prints.

5. Say good morning to strangers – especially bus drivers and public transport workers who least expect it.

6. Say “thank you” to cars who have stopped for you to cross at the pedestrian crossing.

7.  Give a thank you wave to cars that have let you in in traffic.

8. Answer your phone with your full name, “Good afternoon, Mary Johnston”.

9. Walk on the left side of the footpath.

10. Give up chewing gum – completely.  I beg you.



  • Debbie Hutton

    Debbie Hutton 8 years ago

    Manners.... they cost nothing and yet the results are amazing!! I believe business is easier to conduct when dealing with people with manners. Have you ever walked out of a meeting where manners were not present thinking, about the contents of the meeting, or did you remember the rudeness and/or actions of \"so and so\"????