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Ensure you next shopping trip is a success!

07 March 2011

No longer spend hours, wasting money and making mistakes on clothes that don't suit you.

Discover the Style Techniques that will make you look and feel great, and save you time and money.

Style Techniques

Some key questions to ask:

What does fashion says you need now?

What do you really need now?

Do you buy classic pieces that last from season to season? Look at the classics. What rules did they follow?


Learn to understand your shape, and what styles enhance your look to bring out your best qualities. If you know you look good in streamlined shapes and this season is all gathers and round designs, avoid them.

You can't go wrong with classic pieces. Clothing that remains one of fashion's most coveted pieces are: the trench coat, little black (or navy) dress, the white (or ivory) tailored shirt, great fitting black pants, or a beautifully cut jacket.

The most flattering styles for women are semi fitted in shape with a V neckline and a knee length skirt is always chic and classic. Learn to draw attention away from your figure challenges and highlight your strengths with focal points ie accessories strategically placed.


Consider which brands offer you timeless styles you can wear again and again. If your favourite brand changes their image, make sure you want to remain with their new look. Learn to pick the eyes out of what's available in various brands to reflect your personal style.


Learn to wear colours that enhance your hair, skin tone and eye colouring and avoid those that make you look tired and dull. Consider neutrals other than black and white which don't suit many people. Discover ivory, stone, navy, or chocolate to wear as your neutrals. If your skin is warm based; wear cream, tan or dark green, if you have cool skin; wear charcoal, claret or denim blue.

Signature Style

Discover your own signature style, based on your personality, lifestyle and the image you want to portray. Always work with your natural style; and know your strengths and limitations.

Learn to decipher the current style themes for the season and only select those that reflect your image.

When you have your own Signature Style you will project a dynamic, fabulous You.

Enjoy your new look!