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Drop Years off Your Age Instantly!

09 May 2011

The dilemma for women today in this ‘image conscious’ age is to how to look young and modern and yet appropriate for your age. 

If you show too much flesh you can look desperate and if you cover up too much you look dowdy.  The key is to wear clothes that hug you in all the right places and skim over those wobbly bits.

Here are some tips to look younger just by changing the way you dress.

Personal Style
Discover your own personal style and alter it as you age.  Remember the most stylish women today, Cate Blanchett, Princess Mary and Michelle Obama always look fabulous and so can you.

Natural Colouring
Remember that as you age your skin, hair and eyes become paler, and black although slimming is harsh on ageing skin.   Learn to wear colours that flatter your skin, hair and eye colouring and will make you look healthy and full of energy.

Colour your hair to enhance your personal colouring, if your original hair colour was dark, go lighter; and if fair, add gold, caramel or honey highlights.

Ageless Beauty
•    Take years off your age with shorter hair and a side swept fringe as it rejuvenates your face, carries more bounce and looks healthier.
•    To lift and rejuvenate your face select glasses frames that encourages attention upwards and outwards, eg. a focal point like a gold clasp at the upper, outer edge of the frame. 
•    Makeup can take years off your face but too much can age you.   Use a foundation with warmth and dab on some blush. 
•    Wear lipsticks that flatter your colouring and steer clear of brown shades and matte lipsticks as they settle into your lip lines. Avoid very frosted or lolly shade lipsticks.
•    Define your eyes by lining them with a soft colour and add brown or charcoal mascara.  Wear a natural brow colour and avoid black eyeliner or mascara, and shiny eye shadow.  Don't over pluck your eyebrows since they are less likely to grow back.
•    Get a good night's sleep to avoid puffy eyes and sallow skin.
•    Remember to stand up straight and confidently to look slimmer and five years younger.

The Dressing Room
Dress to suit your body shape, not what’s in fashion.
•    Go for a pair of jeans that are dark in colour with a bootleg and avoid wearing skinny jeans.
•    Wear the right bra and pantyhose or undergarments to support your thighs, legs and hips.
•    Invest in stylish accessories to update your look and add interest. 
•    Round toed ballet shoes instantly age you making you look frumpy, instead wear pointy or almond shaped toes.

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  • Georgie Richards

    Georgie Richards 8 years ago

    At 53 I believe in moisturiser, moisturiser and more moisturiser. I use an all over natural ingredient oil with hints of essential oils and I swear by it. I rub it onto my arms shoulders and decoupage and legs every day and my skin stays soft all the time.

  • Desolie Page

    Desolie Page 9 years ago

    Hi RobinGreat advice. I'm in my early 60s, and I've found the two basic things to help are to stand tall (and don't frown or look worried), and less is more.Just the other day a 30-something-year-old friend told me I looked amazing - guess I must be doing something right.

  • Robin Powis

    Robin Powis 9 years ago

    Hi Nicole, 40 is a fantastic age so enjoy it and I'm glad you like my tips.Hi Emma, I agree with you I'd like the wardrobe budget and personal trainers of those glamourous women. However my aim is to make you look fantastic within your budget and resources. It can be done!

  • Anne Talbot

    Anne Talbot 9 years ago

    Yes how to look young and modern and yet be appropriate for your age is a difficult one. I know that in my business this is a very important and often used statement and yes it is possible to age with grace and if that takes a little bit of maintenance and a few clever tricks then so be it. Anne Talbot Manager Victorias Cosmetic Medical Clinic

  • Nicole Morris

    Nicole Morris 9 years ago

    Robyn, I'm about to turn 40 and not entirely embracing it. Thanks for the tips for getting me through the fabulous 40's.

  • Emma Anderson

    Emma Anderson 9 years ago

    I like the reference to truly glamourous women who dress appropriately for their age and status. Although, I wouldnt mind their wardrobe budget or personal trainers:)