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Do you really know who is watching you?

11 December 2013

Who is watching

I was reminded last week, that you never know the impact you have on someone else’s life, as you never really know – who is watching you.

I met a gorgeous friend, after not seeing her for some time and she commented how my daily posts and inspiration have fuelled her through a difficult time.

I had no idea!

She said that it was those posts that had kept her going and given her hope, that she could come through what she was going through too.

In the social media world we live in today, we put a lot of things out there and we really don’t know if anyone reads them, or if anyone gets any benefit from what we write. It can appear a very selfless task and sometimes people stop posting, as they feel no-one is reading it.

Well, if this lady's comments are anything to go on, they are!

I personally always write my posts, just for 1 person. I don’t try and write them for the whole world, I just hope to inspire just one individual and shift their thinking slightly.

It is a timely reminder for all of us as we approach the festive season, to stop and think how many lives you have impacted through your actions in 2013.

Just trust that if you feel you need to share something, there is someone desperately waiting to read your thoughts and keep sharing, even though you may never know who you have impacted.

I know I will, even though I don’t know – Who Is Watching!

Shar Moore