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Challenges - what the (expletive deleted) have I let myself in for?

07 March 2011

Okay, I admit that this is not the first time I've done something crazy. But hey, it seemed a fantastic idea at the time. And yes, it is these very same great ideas of mine that usually get me into a pickle.

My beloved Fitted for Work is running a Fashion Challenge fundraiser to coincide with the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. To honour all those women who've gone out of their comfort zones, we challenge ourselves and our friends and supporters to do the same.

And because so much of what we're about is tied up with how we present ourselves, the challenge is meant to be hard. So my co-founder Marion Webster is NOT wearing any black for a week, others are not shopping for a year (really), only wearing borrowed clothes .... If you want to join or see what others are doing check out:

So brainwave, I'll dress as a Famous Woman for a week and get people who sponsor me to vote on who I should dress as.

Voting! I had no idea. So far 19 different women and 1 man have been suggested. Go on guess who tops the rankings so far?

Right now, neck and neck at No 1 are Dame Edna and Bette Midler. Yep the mauve hair, the glasses, the gladdies and the screamingly over the top totally tasteless \"look at me, look at me\" outfits. I have to get around in my normal little life in drag. I've had a practise. The horrible thing is that I look exactly like Barry Humphries. You don't believe me? Well check for yourself and click on:!/photo.php?fbid=111508235591878&set=a.111508232258545.17917.104254112983957

I'm begging people to save me from a week of this!

And how do I dress as Bette Midler? Which incarnation? Desperately seeking help here too - make a suggestion.

If, by some miracle, I am saved at the finishing line from Dame Edna and the Divine Bette, the next contender is our always impeccably presented Governor General, Quentin Bryce. I'm thinking of writing to her for suggestions. But even if she loaned me her outfits, how could I fit into them?

A whole week! I must have been completely bonkers to set the bar so high right at the beginning. What I should have done is get sponsors for each hour (or maybe even nano second) that I am in fancy dress. Now that would have been \"strategic\".