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7 Tips for Parents of a Teenager

05 November 2016

It probably seems just like the other day when you welcomed your little one into this world. Time has flown so fast that you are a parent of an adolescent. A once little innocent baby is now an almost mature man or woman who now needs a different approach from how you have been previously handling him or her.

1. Encourage them to learn life skills

Adolescents are so energetic that if they do not engage in constructive activities, they may try to utilize their energy in anything that may bump on. Since the dream of any parent is to see their children grow to become hardworking and independent people, it is your duty as a parent to introduce them to some essential life skills. You can encourage them to learn about home renovations and apply the knowledge in making the necessary repairs on your house. If possible, also participate in the activities to motivate them.

2. Be their best friend

Adolescence is a stage whereby a teenager seeks his or her identity. At times they become confused, and they may eventually make decisions that can be detrimental to their life. Because of this, they need you more like never before. Apart from being a parent, be one of their best friends who they can count on for help when they are stranded. Discuss all life issues, listen to them and offer guidance. Remember not to be a boring friend, have a sense of humor, so that they can enjoy more hanging out with you.

3. Involve them in decision-making

Soon, this adolescent will be on his or her own. As mature people, they will be responsible for their lives and thus they need to learn how to go about it. Involve them in your decision making and ask for their opinions. Let them know the importance of what you are planning to do and why you need them on board.

4. Give them some freedom

Give them some space to do some things on their own. However, you should keep a distant eye on them just in case something goes haywire. Don’t hesitate to intervene if you realize that they are going astray, but do it in a wise way. Instead of scolding them, inform them about the impending dangers. Listen to their side of the story and offer an appropriate alternative.

5. Know their friends

Your child’s character will mostly be influenced by the behaviors of their buddies. Although it isn’t good to dictate to people that they should hang out with, it's nice to caution them about bad companies. Allow your child to bring their friends at home so that you can know them well.

6. Set limits

As much as your child needs freedom, you should also set boundaries and stick to them. Discuss with them the acceptable behaviors and the consequences of failing to adhere.

7. Meet their financial needs

Teenagers have more personal financial needs than the younger children. They may turn to vices if you fail to give them enough money to cater to their significant needs. However, you should be careful not to give them excess money since that too can tempt them to misconduct.

Teenagehood is a delicate stage that you ought to be cautious about when dealing with an adolescent because that is when they try to define themselves. Frankly, it is rarely easy to bring up a teenager. Their new ideology and Hormones run rampant may be the least of your problems.