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6 hobbies women can do in their free time

07 August 2019

Despite being the driving force behind technological innovations, millennials are still labeled as bratty, insecure and overly privileged. Millennial women tend to have it a bit hard, since they’re expected to be tough and career-oriented, while also juggling family life and motherhood. Hobbies can help relieve less stress and promote happiness because they are done for you and by you and not for financial gain - well, not usually. 

Six hobbies you could use to escape work and family-related stress:

1. Photography


With the rise of Instagram and other social media platforms, everyone can be a photographer. Photography can be soothing and relaxing, as it teaches you to observe. If you’re just getting started, you can just use your phone to capture the moments you like. There are many apps that can help you edit your photos. Analogue photography is becoming popular again, so feel free to visit your parents and dig through their old stuff in search of an old fim camera. Experiment with various camera style to find what you like. 

2. Cooking


Our social media feeds are filled with short cooking videos and it can seem very easy. Cooking is a beautiful and very rewarding hobby but like all good things takes practice. Why not learn to make your favorite dishes. The good thing about cooking is you can practice on a budget and do it in the comfort of your home. You can also try it out on a self-made but possibly critical audience - your family and friends.

3. Art


Learning to draw can be challenging, especially if you’ve never paid attention to it before. Luckily, there are useful YouTube tutorials that can show you how to draw and learn shading techniques. If you’re looking to meet new like-minded people, you can search for drawing/painting courses in your area. You don’t need to dream of being an artist in order to create and enjoy art and again it's inexpensive to set up and practice: pen, pencil, paper...

 4. Golf


Is golf reserved strictly for old rich dudes without a sense of humour? It's ceratinly not cheap, but there’s a huge upside to playing golf — it encourages interaction with others which can also be useful if you’re looking to meet new people and network and it's a gentle introduction into competitive sport.

5. Reading


Scrolling through social media can be tiring. It’s understandable that many people don’t feel like reading, especially when they’re already exposed to a lot of information every time they open their fave apps. But, reading is the only hobby that can be done literally anywhere, and with e-readers, you don’t even need to hold a heavy book. Goodreads is an excellent place to start making a to-read list; check out the reviews and swap reading tips with fellow book enthusiasts.

6. Writing


Reading and writing usually go hand in hand. Start by keeping your own journal or writing random thoughts about any subject or person that crosses your mind. Use the writing to get things off your chest. It can be difficult at first, but if you just relax and start writing and make it part of your routine, every day, who knows, you might discover you’re talented. Get yourself a nice-looking notebook and a pen and write down everything that happened to you during the day. Use it to make plans for the next day.

Finding a hobby you like can take time. If you don’t like what you’re doing right now, don't stick around. Keep experimenting with various hobbies until you find one (or two) that you enjoy.


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