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5 Simple Professions Almost Everyone Looks Up to

14 October 2016

While some jobs seem simple, they are admired by everyone when they are at work. These jobs, mostly revolve around the very survival of people. Some of the top five simple and looked up to jobs include the following.

1. Nursing
Nursing is a career that has saved millions of lives. Nurses are the closest caregivers to ill patients. Without the keen eye and the caution of a nurse, lives could be lost each day. Nurses monitor patients to ensure the medication is working as expected and act when it is not.

Nursing seems definitely simple when compared to other medical careers. However, the support that nurses offer to patients and doctors is very essential. Most people admire nurses mostly because of their ability to save human lives. Nurses rarely take the credit of the well-being of any patient, even though it is evident of the role they play. The nobility of the nursing profession is another reason why it is one of the most respected jobs in the world.

2. Firefighter
The selflessness of a firefighter solicits respect from a lot of people. The risks that are involved with the job make firefighters almost heroes. The profession itself is simple and does not require much compared to other careers. Firefighters have helped to save millions of lives and property worth of even more.

This job is arguably responsible for saving a significant part of any economy from burning down to ashes. Firefighters provide the security of knowing that fires have a low chance of destroying your life. People often belittle firefighting in comparison to some other prestigious jobs. What they fail to realize is that without a firefighter, losses to fire would be more uncontrolled and very destructive.

3. Plumbing
Plumbers are indispensable in your life. The support that they offer to the development of the society cannot be overemphasized. A 
local plumber in Sydney, or elsewhere, is especially crucial in times of nasty and urgent leaks. Plumbers play a significant role in ensuring that you are healthy. Proper connection of the sewage and clean water reflects directly on the quality of your life.

Plumbing is however seen as a very simple profession in the job market. You will, however, realize that plumbers are among the most admired professionals due to the nature of the service they offer. Arguably, it is because the career is entwined with a very basic aspect of human survival (water).

4. Farmer
This is one of the generous professions on earth. Farmers directly determine our survival by producing the food that we eat. Farming is a career that has shaped human lives for generations. This job is seen as simply as one need to directly work with the earth for success.

They also face hardships due to the seasonal weather cycles that they have to work within. Farming as a career is respected because it is the backbone of all economies. Most people do not prefer to become farmers due to the difficult and harsh working conditions. However, it is important for you to acknowledge that farmers are the providers for the community.

5. Police officer
Police officers are highly respected professionals due to the role they play in maintaining security. The admiration of the career is because of the risks that are involved with this occupation. Day in day out police officers fight terrorist, antisocial aspects, criminals and other law offenders so as to protect the general public. Police officers put their lives at stake while facing armed criminals. Their respect is drawn from the fact that everyone expects them to be always there protecting them.