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5 Outdoor Activities That Can Improve Your Mental Health

24 June 2019

5 Outdoor Activities That Can Improve Your Mental Health

For some people spending time in nature is viewed as one way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily lives, to escape from mundane routines, or perhaps just a chance to have a barbecue with friends. However, spending time outdoors has numerous health benefits like enhancing your stamina and uplifting your energy. Breathing fresh and clear air instead of the polluted one is already extremely beneficial, but spending time out in the open elevates your mood, relieves you from stress, boosts vitality, and helps you fight off many diseases.

There are many things that you can do in the nature, and here are the best activities that have fantastic impact on promoting mental healthiness.

1. Yoga

Doing yoga gives you vast array of exercises that you can do in a slow and gradual manner. And when you do yoga in the nature you will be able to utilize the perfect balance between meditation and mental serenity. You can easily do yoga in your backyard, go to a local park or head out to the mountains or place a blanket besides the river. After a 30-minute yoga workout in the nature, you will recharge your body with essential vitamin D intake. Plus, you will give your brain a mental break from urban stimuli which will immediately help you improve your sleep disorder and reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Hiking

One of the best ways to promote mental healthiness thoroughly is going to the mountains. Hiking gets the heart pumping blood faster which gives you the essential stamina, improves your general fitness, promotes concentration and physical endurance. For that matter, before you head out to the mountains you might want to have proper and quality equipment. Comfortable shoes are a must, a bottle of water, and try to find the best smart watch for training so that you can track how many steps you took, measure heart rate and how many calories you have burnt. If you are not sure where to find those useful smart watches, you can check the Fighting Report site and find fantastic info about various hiking and training equipment as well.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic mental and physical activity. When you cycle you set your own tempo and the world is yours. Another fabulous thing about cycling is that you can go anywhere outside, only you might want to avoid mountains if you have fragile bones. When you cycle in nature you are able to breath in fresh air, absorb the natural sunlight and get your daily dose of vitamin D, lower blood pressure and by doing this physical activity on a regular basis, you can lower cancers risk. On the psychological side, cycling will help you improve focus and concentration, and even combating dementia and Alzheimer's.

4. Golf

This is an engaging activity that, unlike all the previous ones, requires a little bit of diligence and patience. First of all, when you play golf you are constantly outside, and the more you spend time in the fresh air instead in front of screen the better you will feel. Secondly, you have to walk miles from hole to the hole, swing the club forcefully all of which requires mild physical activity. Plus you are immersed in the game by having to pinpoint the far-off hole which boosts mental sharpness. Golf is also a great outdoor activity because it enhances social interaction. You can chat with friends and meet new people while you play this riveting game. Playing golf, walking, socializing in the green space lowers the anxiety levels and uplifts your spirit.

5. Kayaking

Water is known to have calming and tranquil effects on both mind and spirit, imagine how stimulating effect it would have on you if you combine it with a fun activity such as kayaking. Kayaking is a suburb activity for people of all ages because it has mesmerizing relaxing effect. Image being on crystal blue river or lake, tucked in between vast mountains, surrounded with lush flora and fauna. You can peddle in your own pace, take the time to ease up and connect with the environment. You will feel totally detoxified from the chaotic life in the city, relieved from stress and in an absolute serene state of mind. Later on you can stop, go fishing or have a picnic and totally recharge with positive energy.

By winding down in the great outdoors and doing some lively activity you will surely magnify your wellbeing. Make your goal of getting outside every day, and you will never again be in bad mood, depressed or agitated.