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3 ways to ditch low self-confidence

02 September 2014

Winter is a time for hibernation and there may be a few pounds to shed. September marks the beginnings of spring and warmer weather. Time for setting goals, turning a new leaf and getting back to that summer body.

So what happens when you don’t meet your goals? Do you start comparing yourself to others, beat yourself up, stop going out, lose confidence, emotionally eat... Not if you follow thes simple rules.

Employ positive self-talk by

1. Eliminate Internal Negative Chatter
The first step is awareness. The second you feel yourself saying, “I’m not, I can’t, I’ll never” … physically stop and identify negative statements, chew them up and spit them out.

2. Ditch ‘should, have to and need to’
These words suggest that you do not have a choice, which, of course, you know is untrue because we always have a choice. So change ‘should (n’t), could (n’t), need to’ to ‘I choose’… I choose to watch TV instead of going for a walk. I choose not to wear this dress until I feel comfortable in it. Free yourself from the restraints of the ‘should, could and need tos’ and give yourself the power to change.

3. Script positive self-talk
You can hear, feel and see the negative self-talk galloping full steam ahead in your mind. You’re standing at the lever, ready to change the train from thundering in the negative direction to a positive direction. To do this, you first need to lay the tracks. Look at your list of negative self-talk statements and replace them with positive ones.

The reason for positive self-talk, it

Keeps Your Thoughts Positive, because

Your Thoughts become your Words,

Your Words become your Behaviour,

Your Behaviour becomes your Habits,

Your Habits become your Values,

Your Values become your Destiny.