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25 Ways to Find Readers for your Blog

07 March 2011

Hello, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

As the title of this posts promises below are 25 ways to find readers for your blog, just a word of warning these are not quick and easy solutions. To build up your blog takes TIME, some people say \"the first year is the hardest\" while others say that the \"first 1000 posts\" are the hardest. Personally I think that it is just hard, if you aren't a celeb, there is a lot of noise out there in the online world and only so many hours a day that people can read. If you look at YouTube where there are over 100 hours of video uploaded every 5 minutes, it's crazy!!

Not only do you need to promote your blog to get readers to it, but also be unique, original, offer value and stand out! Not asking much I know! The tips below should give you some places to start to get promoting.

1. Guest post on other blogs

2. Search Engine Optimise (SEO) your blog site (so people can find you)

3. Interact with people on forums, build a relationship with them

4. Interact with people on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

5. Tweet out your blog posts

6. Participate in blogging projects with other bloggers

7. Enter competitions and awards for your blog

8. Speak at events and workshops both on and off line

9. Create blog alliances with other blogs - you promote mine I'll promote yours

10. Develop reports/whitepapers instead of a blog post that can be shared online, these potentially have more longevity than a blog post

11. Incentivise people to signup to your feeds, eg with a free ebook

12. Interview someone who is a kind of celebrity in their own right to attract readers who follow that person

13. Comment on other blogs

14. Comment on your readers blogs

15. Promote posts or landing pages, not just your blog, so that when people arrive they are more likely to read the information than be confused

16. Advertise your blog on Google adsense, Facebook, other blogs etc.

17. Submit your stories to media such as magazines and newspapers

18. Write press releases and send to the media or promote through the online PR sites (eg

19. Promote your blog in your email signature

20. Add your blog to your LinkedIn profile

21. Promote your blog on your YouTube Channel

22. Tell people about it when you meet them

23. Make sure your friends know so that they can promote it as well

24. Get a bumper sticker for your car? Might work especially if you get stuck in traffic have it say something like: Bored? Check out my blog for entertainment www........

25. Have t-shirts made and wear them

OK, so there were a few silly ones in there, but you get my drift, get out there and tell people, don't expect them to find it because it is soooooo amazing - of course it is, but unfortunately there is a lot of info online that can distract people from getting to read the important stuff, ie your blog!

So in the spirit of promoting my blog, if you'd like a FREE t-shirt to wear drop me an email:

Otherwise just share the link to get people to sign up to the feed...