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Solve issues around your retirement

21 August 2015

Solving your retirement issues

Right now, while you're accumulating savings in preparation for retirement, volatility is fine if it brings you long-term growth. But once you retire, things change...

The challenges that face retirees include inflation, longevity, sequencing, market and emotional risk. Each of these can conspire against you, reducing your ability to retire when you want, reducing your lifestyle or leaving you open to heavy financial losses.

There's another consideration in all this. When you reduce one of these risks, you increase another: a reduction in inflation risk (interest rates) or longevity risk will increase your market risk.

For a brief overview of these challenges facing retirees, go to

If you’re closer to retirement or retired, you’ll probably be thinking about the implications of tax? Here are some helpful tips for tax minimising strategies:

Another thought to consider is the quandary to pay or not pay off the home loan? There are various options, the benefits and drawbacks of which are dealt with here:


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