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Real Estate tips for Perth

30 November 2011

Before you rush off and change your agent here’s some options for you:

1) Change the price – most common strategy to sell a house. If you are going to do this – don’t tinker – has to be $10,000 or more.

2) Remove property off the market and start again in a month or so, maybe with a new price as well.

3) Change the photos you are using to present the property or get better photos.

4) Change the description of the property in the newspaper, website etc.

5) Change the house decoration / re-style the house? Call in an interior decorator or someone that can change the look.

6) Ask the question what is stopping the house from selling?? If you can’t pick it, ask the agent, ask another agent, use the feedback from the home opens to ascertain the issues.

7) Once you have tried all of the above – then maybe it is time to consider another agent

Wishing you well with all of your property decisions.

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