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Highlights of a High-end Mortgage Broker Training Program

24 December 2013

Are you a newcomer in the Australian mortgage broking industry? If so, you need to enroll yourself in a training program. No, not just because there are some mandatory requirements to be met. You must learn how to generate leads every month, understand how to nurture each one of them and finally, transform those leads into lifelong relationships.

Smart brokers do not just focus on closing a deal.

They focus on building lasting relationships. That’s what successful professionals do and you too can do that. All of it begins with you getting trained by a mentor supervising a high-end mortgage broker training program.

Here’re the highlights of such programs:

·         If you have just begun, you need a mentor who can nominate you to FBAA (The Finance Brokers Association of Australia). When you participate in a mortgage broker training program, you have access to an experienced mortgage broker who not just guides and trains you but also takes care of FBAA nomination. If you do not have a mentor, you’d have to wait for 2 years (that’s a really long time!) to be eligible for FBAA membership.

·         You have easy access to various support tools and compliance systems at a training institution. Compliance and auditing systems you’re exposed to are the very best. The training can be conducted online or offline. Webinars and reference material is usually complementary. However, it’s a good idea to confirm all these details in advance before you sign on the dotted line and pay the fee in full.

·         Many reputed institutions offer ongoing training to their candidates. In other words, even when you’ve completed a mortgage broking course , you still have someone you can turn to for help and guidance.

·         Merely understanding the jargon, policies and other information will not make you a successful broker. You’d have to understand the business aspect of this profession as well. Most training institutions that offer such programs also impart marketing and business development skills to candidates. Just do not expect such programs to make you a marketing rock-star. These skills need to be developed over the years but a good training program and well-design course material can certainly give you a good start!

·         While you’re a trainee, you have many opportunities to meet representatives of various lending institutions in Australia in-person. Such professional exposure has no substitute.

·         Mortgage broker training institutions hold various networking events from time to time. These networking events help trainees meet other professionals in the industry. Having some friends and acquaintances in the mortgage broking industry is always a plus. You can discuss ideas, shares leads and even help each other growth business. A networking event can be just a breakfast or a fun-filled golf day.

These are mere highlights. Some mortgage brokers groups in Australia offer really great benefits to all their members (starting from a training program). People often ask ‘how to      become a mortgage broker.’ Well, there is no one-line answer to that question. Get trained by the best. Work hard. Have patience and most importantly, continue to learn and innovate each day here on. There’s no other secret to success, really!

Author bio –

John is a specialist Redrockbroker consultant and provides Mortgage broking course in Australia. John’s knowledge and experience in mortgage finance has personally assisted his clients around Australia to achieve their business, financial and investment goals.