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September Chapter

07 March 2011

Update from last month - as I write the Opals have an unbeaten record in the Czech Republic in defence of their world title. Up against the US next in what is likely a preview of the gold medal game. I wonder how the two coaches will see tactics. Do you play possum and keep your stars on the bench? Or is it time to go hard and dominate to develop some fear of failure in your opponent? Lauren Jackson as I predicted did win her third WNBA MVP award.

Lauren shares something in common with Hilary Clinton. She's turned up at the tournament with a new hair colour. Hilary's new do has attracted some attention. I am amazed that her hair length has become a barometer of her individual confidence. If she was living in Perth like me in the middle of the next resources boom it would probably be taken as a sign that it's hard to get a hair appointment! Book in advance in Perth is the rule. And if you want your dog's hair cut - forget it!! Six weeks out for that one.

It is difficult as a Perth resident to credit the predictions of a double dip recession in the US. I hope it can be avoided. My main concern is a selfish one. Any recession has real potential to set back progress on women's rights.

Dr Hamidah Marican, Executive Director of the Sisters in Islam, a Malaysian organization agree with me. Speaking in Perth in March this year, she said, \"When there is a crisis, it is the rights of women that are the first casualties\". It's alright for a new group to progress as long as the existing power brokers do not see a lessening of their own rewards. So when the economic tide is rising there is more room for women to advance without upsetting too much opportunities for individual men to achieve their goals.

So three wishes from me this month:

1. No recession
2. No more comment on Hilary's hair
3. Opals win a gold medal