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No inspirational voice

07 March 2011

Have you wondered why the pre-election campaigning has been so dull? The buzz on the street has certainly suggested so.

My take?

No inspirational voice!

Great leaders rely on 3 layers of voice: The Inner Voice, The Literal Voice, The Mythical Voice.

The Inner Voice

Consider Martin Luther King in his famous; \"I have a dream\". His Inner Voice was his heartfelt desire for equality and freedom for his people.

The Inner Voice is a passion or desire. Without an inner burning desire a message will be hollow. Any speaker, who does not move us emotionally or physically, is not connected to an inner desire.

I am certain that Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott each had an inner, burning desire.

The Literal Voice

The Literal Voice is the literal sound of the voice and its function is to express The Inner Voice.

For many of us, however, The Inner Voice becomes disconnected from The Literal Voice due to civilizing, restrictive habits. Generally, these habits impact the free flow of breath, without which The Inner Voice will have no life and ultimately, the audience cannot experience the rich texture of thoughts and feelings.

In the case of Martin Luther King, his Literal Voice is rich, strong and resonant. Because he is doing a most fundamental thing: breathing, his inner desires ring through the rich resonance of his voice. This is why this speech is spine tingling. It is inspired and vibrant.

Undoubtedly, for both Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott, this is where we lose the emotional connection to their vision for the country. They don't breathe freely and they don't vibrate. How can we hope to be moved?

The Mythical Voice

Martin Luther King doesn't talk about race alone. He elevates us to human ideals of \"Freedom\" and \"Humanity\" along with the visionary, indiscriminate concept of a \"Dream\". In effect, we must look beyond temporal concepts of race and politics and expand into human values of mythical proportion.

It requires courage and creativity to resonate on a mythical level and to ring beyond you, now. Like all great speakers, The Literal Voice will ring across Time if it is elevated to touch on spiritual or human values. The Mythical Voice can provide a transformative experience as it touches a deep part of us.

\"Moving Forward\", \"Stand Up for Australia\" - Mythical Enough?

So, who has the voice of a PM?

Well... let me rephrase: Isn't it time that Australia had a spine-tingling, breath-taking, inspirational leader?

Thankfully, the hung parliament we are looking at is giving us something to get excited about.