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What happens when I use a credit card

Some basic facts on how credit cards work

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    Westpac Economic Update: 21st September 2012

    Westpac Economist Elliot Clarke

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    Happiness Counts

    You've all heard of GNP (Gross National Product)? Well honestly how could you avoid this widely used measure of how a country's doing internationally. There are rankings for 228 countries and, when the figures are adjusted for purchasing power, Australia ranks Number 18 with our average earnings being $41,000 p.a.

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  • How to lead in the recovery - SmartCompany Insights

    The business landscape has changed. As the recovery kicks in, many companies are ramping up sales and marketing and putting on staff so they won't be caught short when the economy is thriving again. Expansion is back on the agenda.

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  • If Women Ran Wall Street

    In a heavily, traditional, dark, wood room in Steve Forbes townhouse in New York, I sat with about 40 US CEOs to dine and discuss the state of US and Australian economic growth, relations with China and of course the upcoming Forbes CEO Conference that will be held in Sydney in September this year.

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  • No inspirational voice

    Have you wondered why the pre-election campaigning has been so dull? The buzz on the street has certainly suggested so.

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    Will Power

    On August 31st as the now Prime Minister was still deep in conversation with the three Independents, Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Terry Windsor, I was at lunch with Bill Evans, Westpac's senior economist, and a roomful of hi-energy women in Melbourne.

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