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Baby Boomers

22 August 2014

Looks like the government will make the retirement age 70, and I say I was going to work till then anyway.

Lots of my friends are also planning on working till they are 70. Some of us will do this out of necessity, some of us because we genuinely want to fill our days with the excitement of an enriching job. We have been women who for various reasons have spent a lot of our lives as solo parents, and have worked to support our families. The children have moved on now, and we want to enjoy our lives.

We now have the opportunity to travel, to expand our horizons, and to ensure we won’t be living out of a supermarket trolley and sleeping under a cardboard box. We are well, fit and energetic, we have heaps of experience, we are computer savvy, and we have no need for child care, the ideal employee.

But do employers see us that way?

To be honest I would not want a potential employer to see all of my experience because then they would guess that if I have 34 years in one industry, I have to be over 50, therefore practically senile, and if I am over 60, forget it.

Forget the glass ceiling; now we are invisible, the fact is if employers don’t acknowledge you are there you will go away and they won’t have to deal with you.

Older women make up a large part of the work force, we are the ‘baby boomers’ and we are prepared to work. We now need employers to see us as an asset to their business and not a liability. We don’t wear 6 inch heels, (an advantage when it comes to WHS), and we don’t spend all our time organizing our social calendar on a Friday afternoon, or have to rush away at night to collect our little ones from day care. Don’t think I am knocking anyone who does all three of these things, we have all been there, and that’s why we have bunions!! But flat comfortable shoes don’t mean we have lost our ability to think, calculate, plan, or be entrepreneurial, we can, and we just need employers to acknowledge we are there, we are available and we want to work.