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When Is It Ever The RIGHT Time?

10 December 2013

Think back to when you got married. You may have discussed other things going on around the time you wanted to set the date, someone might have been having a baby or birthday, and someone else might have been travelling and you considered all of these things before setting YOUR wedding date.


Think back to changing a job. You considered the work you had on and what affect it would have on the company if you left, and then you considered your new company and how it would be better if you left asap as they have a big project they need you for.


Think back to when you started your Business. You had to see if it was the right time for your finances, you considered your Partner and family and then considered the right time to launch you product/service Business into the marketplace.


Think back to planning your holiday. You consider your partner, kids, family, who will take care of the animals and then who will run your Business for you, or will it just shut down for that period of time.


My point is, when is it ever the RIGHT time to do anything.

If we weight up all of these things and yes there is always something to consider, however, if we keep waiting for that ‘RIGHT’ time, so many people would not be married, have kids, have parties, travel and most importantly – start their Business.

Sometimes you just have to say – “It’s the right time for ME now and I will just make it work”.

I encourage you, as we bring 2013 to a close, to ask yourself this…..

“If I could do anything I wanted to do right now, what would I do?”

Don’t consider everyone else, just consider YOU.

I have the privilege of working with my mentoring clients 1 on 1 and running 3 hour Client Strategy Sessions. Because for me, it’s about THEM, not everyone else that they will consider.

If you want it to be all about YOU, then maybe it’s time we talked.

You have read my posts, followed me on all my pages, seen my invitations for my events, read my Magazine and you know that if you don’t do something NOW, you will read this same message, this time next year!

Is it your time NOW?

To be a success, you can’t be a secret. It’s your choice.

I have 6 sessions left for 2013 and I am waiting to help you.

Email or PM me now to arrange a free phone chat to see if it is YOUR time.

If not now, WHEN?