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What All to Look for before Buying the First pair of Shoes for Your Tiny Toddler

29 July 2016

Your little one has gradually grown up and has taken her first step and you’re all excited about filming her first step, forwarding it your spouse and finally able to buy that miniature pair of adorable shoes you had been planning since forever. However, amidst all this excitement it’s important to take care of few pointers before you finally hit the ‘buy now’ button, so that your little one would be able to enjoy her each and every step in her new pair of cute little pumps!

Well, no matter how much your Aunt Catherine is experienced with babies, you need to know that the time has changed and so does the priorities. It’s a fact that when your baby first begins to toddle (between 8 to 18 months of age), they don’t need shoes to wear because feeling the floor beneath their feet will help them keeping their balance. But outside the house, those tender feet of your little munchkin need protection and hence gifting them with an adorable pair just like them, is a superb idea.

The only key to find the right shoe for your novice walker is to make sure it fits perfectly – yes, this mantra isn’t only for the adults; it goes for toddlers as well! Although your little one needs a little extra space in the toe to get the perfect balance, buying the shoes of twice her size is a strict no-no! After all, your newly mobile little one is already having enough troubles to take care of apart from the bigger size of her shoes.

Yeah we know, even your tiny toddler needs some style every now and then and it’s your right to strap a sweet pair of summer sandals on those tiny tots’ feet; but make sure to check the flexibility and roominess of those baby shoes before putting them on your baby. Plastic shoes are a big no-no; no matter how cute they look or how much variety you’re able to find in the designs!

Thankfully, there are a lot of online sites and baby shoe stores in Sydney which understand your obsession with the style and comfort for your munchkin; and hence you can always go online to dive into the amazing assortment of styles, sizes and colors to get the perfect adorable footwear for that tiny novice walker in your family. Whether you’re looking for super soft booties for your under training newly mobile toddler or a chic styled footwear for her to wear at the upcoming family gathering, you’ll be able to find hundreds of cute and comfortable baby shoes to choose from their extensive range of super trendy booties!