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Glasses or Contact Lenses - Make your Choice

14 November 2018

It’s a long running debate about which is a better choice - Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses and it always ended up into more confusion. In fact the battle started right from the time when contact lenses were invented. Actually it is well worth fight as both hold a strong position in vision correction.

Without a doubt, glasses as well as contact lenses ensure vision correction but there are few factors that can over-power one from another. Frankly speaking, it is your personal choice that what suits best your needs. If you are confused, the article below might help you to sort out whether to buy contact lenses or glasses. Both have their own positive sides and downsides. There are somethings that glasses can do and contact lenses cannot and vice versa. If you are a regular glass-wearer from long time, you can definitely think about switching to contacts after reading this piece of content.

Glasses for vision needs

Way back when glasses were just becoming known for vision correction, they were big and heavy. Though they offered clear vision, the only problem was with the peripheral vision, due to the big frames. It was creating an obstacle seeing left and right side. Consequently, glasses style evolved as per the fashion and preferences and now there are unlimited options available in frame material, frame style and colours. In fact wearing eyeglasses offers fashion benefit. As compared to contact lenses glasses have less upkeep, it is easy to maintain and affordable choice. Like contacts, you don’t need to change on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If your eyes are glued to computer screens for prolonged time, then computer glasses is a better option, comparatively. Even if you are prone to allergies or eye infections, glasses suit well. Applying, removing and cleaning lenses can be a boring task whereas cleaning glasses does not require effort and there’s not even need to do that on regular basis.

Contact lenses for vision needs

Contact lenses give the illusion of natural eyes which is loved by majority of population. Since the lenses are directly placed on the eyes, it offer more enhanced vision benefit and eliminates the problem of peripheral vision as there is no barrier of frames. The technology advancements of contact lenses unlike before offers much comfort and safety. Soft lenses are made of silicone hydrogel material which ensure breathability and oxygen flow in eyes and are also moisture-rich which prevents dry eye infection. Athletes can enjoy clear vision outdoor without worrying about dust and debris. Usually glasses hamper outdoor activities due to fogging, contact lenses are best in such situations. Contact lenses are also available in varied tints which enhances your personality.

However contact lenses can end up being expensive as compared to glasses and especially if you opt for daily disposable lenses. You can save money by opting for bi-weekly or monthly contacts. Cleaning, storing and timely replacement can also be a hurdle. It is very important to maintain the hygiene with contact lenses to reduce the risk of eye infection.

If you are facing vision problem for the first time, you can try using both glasses and contact lenses. While if you are a glass-wearer, you can try out the contact lenses. Neither of them is actually a bad choice.