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Top Mobile Development Courses Online

25 June 2018

The world never seems to have enough apps! There seem to be apps everywhere, for everything, and for everyone. A prime offshoot of Internet technology; apps are the easiest way to help people to actually do things without automation. An app may not do the work of a robot, but it can do enough to help you with umpteen things, like reminding to make a phone call, telling you how many calories you burnt during your morning jog, which cinemas or restaurants in your locality are good, and well, unlimited other things.

Well, how is it to be at the forefront of these apps, or rather to put it literally, how is it to be at the backend of all these technologies that power your way in your daily life? That is really what a career in mobile development really essentially is about. Imagine being a mobile developer who can tailor technology to suit a huge market, or to make life a tad easier for people with specific problems. What you need to get there is to learn mobile development. There is just simply no dearth of mobile development courses anywhere on the www, simply because the growth of mobile technology is not exactly growing; it is exploding. Well, if a market that started with it first download exactly a decade ago, in 2008, could reach nearly 150 billion downloads globally in 2018, is there any word to describe such a market with? As of 2017 beginning, Google Play had made nearly three million apps available on its online marketplace!

Don’t such figures that make one drool push you into finding online courses for mobile development to enroll into? Why online courses? Simple: they are simple. when choosing courses, make sure you lay your hands on courses that are flexible, are certified, are taught by well-known experts, are current, and are offered by reputable learning platforms. I can think of an online video library that meets all these criteria with effortless ease: Simpliv.

Simpliv has excellent online mobile development courses that can be of tremendous value to your career in mobile development. I would recommend these top five mobile development courses online:

1.      This course is very hands-on one for you to learn how to build virtual reality games for android and iPhone. Yohann Taieb, who has been teaching technology for some ten years now, will show you how to make the best of virtual reality. Basically, this course will show you how to start making VR games from scratch and publish them in the Apple app store and Google Play store. A sort of DIY; this course will cover all the steps, so that you don’t have to struggle with building your own games with Unity. It is well suited for the novice in Unity to the expert who may have built many VR games. And best of all: this course, like all other Simpliv courses on mobile development, costs a mere $9!


2.      Want to build IAP inside your games? Simple: just enroll for this course from Simpliv! At this completely project based course that follows a top down approach, you will learn to create and publish a complete IAP-featured game using Unity Game Engine. This course from Simpliv will also teach you support handling multi-scenes game with in-app-purchase using Soomla IAP with a host of features. Plus, the expert at this course, geek Ahmed Naser, will be available to have any of your doubts clarified at very short notice.


3.      The ever zestful, bubbly, cheery Mark Lassoff has another ace up his sleeve in this course, at which he will show how you can use html5 for mobile devices. This course, aimed at those of you who know a bit of HTML and are looking to expand your skills in to the mobile realm, will help these learners with a lot of learning. If you're a web designer or developer trying to expand your work beyond the desktop and graduate to the mobile, are either teachers or students, or are HTML authors who want to have great looking content on any size screen, or are graphic designers; there is a lot you can gain from this course.


4.      Simpliv has this whole course on mobile app development with PhoneGap for those who want to develop applications for iOS and Android, but don't want to learn yet another programming language. PhoneGap can be used to develop complete mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.  These mobile apps are versatile, and can interact with either device hardware such as the accelerometer, camera and geolocation tools, or with iOS or Android operating system to make phone calls or use Bluetooth. At this very practical course, you will be working with the phone hardware and interacting with the same real-world API's that professional developers use on a day-to-day basis, such as Google Places and Google Maps.


5.      Committing errors in the code can traumatize any professional. One small misstep or oversight is enough to kill countless hours, not to speak of the utter handwringing and chaos it causes to everyone concerned. All that preventing or resolving such issues needs is tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you to approach debugging in a strategic manner.  This is what this course teaches you. Robert Gioia, a Unity Developer for both android and iOS, will show you the learning from which you need not guess any more, or randomly check or delete buggy parts of code. He will teach you how to get down to the precise, pinpointed cause of an issue and fix it. The step-by-step techniques taught at this course will teach you how to save time by speeding up your debugging workflow.