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How to Create and Edit a Board on Pinterest

16 September 2013

Pinterest provides users with a great visual experience. With the numerous images being pinned and repinned on the site every day, there’s room for whatever image you’d like to share.
It’s very important, however, to organize your photos. This is one key feature of Pinterest because it lets its users group their images according to certain categories and according to topics that interest them.
To organize images, you have to create a board. These boards act as your normal bulletin board where you pin images but in an organized manner.
How to Create a Board
Initially, when you first create an account on Pinterest, four default boards are already provided for you. These are For the Home, Favorite Places & Spaces, Products I Love and Craft Ideas. But you can always rename them if you want and add more boards as you share more photos on this popular social networking site.
For those using the site for business purposes, make sure that you consider board names that are of interest to your target market. These can be on the products you offer such as ebooks, webinars and events. Creating multiple boards and using keyword-rich titles and descriptions for your boards are some of the best practices on Pinterest.
The steps to create a board are fairly simple.
The first step is to log in to your Pinterest account then click the plus (+) sign on the top right hand beside your name. A dropdown menu with three options will immediately show. Since you will be making a board, choose the Create a Board option.
On the next page, provide a title for your board, a description then select a category by clicking the down arrow on the right. You can also choose to make the board a secret or not. Once you’re done, click the red Create Board button.
If you decide later to change the board’s name, add a description or add more people who can pin to the board, you can freely edit the board.
How to Edit a Board
To edit your board, click your name on the top right hand and from the dropdown menu, choose boards.
On the next page, look for that particular board and click Edit on the bottom of the box.
On the following page, you can change the board’s title, add a description, select a new category or add another person. After editing, click the Save Changes button.
Keep in mind that you can add more boards to your Pinterest account moving onwards. And do engage with other users and your followers on the site because it’s not enough to just have those boards up and pin images there. Engagement is still key in social networking.
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