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How Important is eCommerce Brand Identity Design?

17 June 2014

The importance of a strong eCommerce business identity can never be belittled. It was important 4 years ago as well; however, with burgeoning technology and increasing ecommerce competition, it has become even more important. It's the most vital part that can make or break your business. This is because there are millions of ecommerce stores available to shop from. When customers have more options, it becomes extremely important for an ecommerce business to have a distinctive presence to grab customers' attention.

Still the question is....

What Makes a Compelling eCommerce Business Identity?

The Voice of Your Brand-

Does the way you communicate with your customers affect your brand identity? Yes it does ! The 'Voice' of your brand refers to how it conveys the message about what it is in the market for. It determines the way your brand will be perceived by the customers and hence the 'Voice' of your brand helps in ecommerce brand building.

The Visual Appeal Of Your Brand-

The visual appeal is another vital element that contributes to make your ecommerce store impressive. Your ecommerce brand identity design depends on the visual appeal a big time as it instills a sense of trust which is quite important to make your brand popular and trustworthy. Goes without saying that trust plays a pivotal role in ecommerce brand building.

The Value of Your Brand-

Here the 'Value' doesn't refers to what makes your ecommerce business unique. Does your brand solve customers' problems or acknowledge their needs? If it does, then there is a reason for the customers to buy your product or service.

Elements of a Good eCommerce Brand Identity Design-

  1. eCommerce Logo Design- The logo design is a crucial part of your ecommerce business identity. If you want your ecommerce brand identity design to leave a lasting impression on your customers' mind, then your logo design must be a reflection of your brand identity

  2. eCommerce Color Scheme- What makes an appealing ecommerce color scheme? If you are serious about ecommerce brand building, then choosing a minimal color scheme is always a good idea. In order to help important things such as 'Contact Us', 'Grab This Deal Now' get highlighted, you must choose a contrast colors.

  3. Navigation- It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call 'Navigation' the most important bit of your ecommerce brand building. Really? But how is navigation related to design or brand identity design? It is indeed. If you haven't designed navigation while designing your ecommerce store, then you have missed out on a very essential element that can ruin your business prospects.

Finding The Best eCommerce Business Identity Design Firm-

The first step towards ecommerce brand building or getting an engaging ecommerce business identity is to find a good ecommerce brand identity design company. MagentoEcommerce is one such company with ample of experience, especially in Magento brand identity design. MagentoEcommerce has helped several businesses across the globe enhance their ecommerce business identity. Over the years Magento Brand identity Design Specialists at MagentoEcommerce have rendered remarkable brand identity design solutions with exceptional creativity.

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