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Five Resources to Help You Start Learning JavaScript for Beginners

29 June 2018

JavaScript is defined as an object-oriented language that is used essentially to create interactive applications over the Internet. It is considered a high-level scripting language, in that it has the ability to abstract strongly from details in the computer. JavaScript is not the same as the Java programming language or the Java software platform.

The primary uses of JavaScript are in the dynamic aspects of a website. The interactivity, animations and automations that we see in webpages are all because of JavaScript. Social media sites, or sites that require dynamic updates like ticket reservations or online shopping, all run on JavaScript. All these uses go on to make JavaScript a very popular programming language globally.

So, if you are a beginner and are looking to learning JavaScript, where would you start? Fremont, CA-based Simpliv is a reliable and highly esteemed platform for learning. It has very interactive and interesting courses on JavaScript for beginners. Here are five resources to help you start learning JavaScript for beginners:

1.     Consider this course, JavaScript Testing Selenium Automation Nightwatch JS Nodejs. This course will cover basics such as what is selenium and how it helps automate the browser. It will teach you the basics of Selenium Automation Scripts, by the end of which you will have learnt how to build a Testing Framework from scratch.


2.    And then, there is this course, The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, taught by the well-known husband-wife pair called Loonycorn. Aimed at learners who are absolutely new to web programming and wish to learn HTML and CSS from scratch and Java, and C#, Python or C++ programmers who are looking to master JavaScript; this course offers learning on the following:


·         Understanding HTML – its structure, and the commonly used tags

·         Utilizing CSS, including inheritance, selectors, the box model – the very topics that make CSS hard to use

·         Mastering the fundamentals of JavaScript

·         Using closures, dynamic prototyping, JSON, and the Document-Object-Model with confidence.


3.    Simpliv has another course, one on Computer Programming for Beginners as part of its five resources to help you start learning JavaScript for beginners. Ideally for anyone with little to no programming experience; anyone who wants to learn to code, or anyone who wants to learn programming but doesn’t know where to start; this course will help you learn the basic concepts used in Computer Programming, create basic programs using Python and JavaScript and get hands-on, step-by-step experience writing code.


4.    Want to carry out a crash course in JavaScript to add to your knowledge base? This course is for you! It will offer you just what you need to get started: Foundational HTML, Text Editor and web browser. It is aimed specifically at those who want to learn JavaScript quickly: newbies who want to learn JavaScript quickly, current programmers who need a crash course in JavaScript, those with limited time who want to learn a lot, teachers and students, and designers and developers who want to learn JavaScript efficiently.


5.     Want to know everything about how each of the elements of JavaScript works, and want to earn certifications for this knowledge? Take up this course, at which Mark Lassoff will give you complete knowledge of the ins and outs of JavaScript!

Small part of the learning offered

These five resources to help you start learning JavaScript for beginners are only a small part of courses from Simpliv that are aimed at just about any area of learning that the human mind is capable of absorbing! Simpliv offers courses in both the IT and non-IT areas. These courses are all highly competitively priced, and they are from the best experts in their respective areas of expertise.

Simpliv is driven by the motivation of making the world a better educated one. Its aim is to remove all the artificial barriers to education, such as age, gender, location or just about any other. It is unbelievable that certified course from highly known experts come at a mere $12. But then, that is Simpliv. It derives far greater satisfaction from empowering people of the world through the powerful liberator of education than lining its pockets with profits.